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Benefits of CRM software for SMBs

By Natalie Silva - 9th June 2022

In today’s digital world CRM technology helps businesses work smarter by enabling them to manage customer data more effectively. Regardless of their sizes, or industry, companies can unlock abundent growth potential by leveraging their data. Using it to enhance the customer experience and nurture inbound leads, whilst driving productivity and performance of the sales function.…

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ClickDimensions versus HubSpot, which is the best marketing platform for Dynamics 365 users?

By Natalie Silva - 25th May 2022

There’s no doubt that the marketing software market is booming, meaning marketers are spoilt with choice when it comes to email and marketing automation tools to help them deliver timely and tailored comms to customers and prospects. This choice can have its benefits, but it also means it can be a bit of a minefield…

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What is marketing automation and how could it help grow your business?

By Natalie Silva - 13th May 2022

What is marketing automation?  Marketing automation is the process of using software and techniques to automate marketing communications and workflows. It is often used to automate routine tasks, and minimises the need for human action to generate communications. Typical marketing automation activities can include automated emails, behavioural targeting (web activity), retargeting advertising and lead prioritisation…

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2022 Release Wave 1 Auditing and log storage

By Natalie Silva - 19th April 2022

As promised we’re going to begin sharing the ongoing enhancements and features that are coming as a result of the 2022 release wave 1. For our first update we take a look at a little gem of new functionality for auditing, we thought it might be useful to highlight this and also review auditing functionality…

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Cloud illustration with female character and text against blue background.

2022 Release wave 1 plans for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform April summary

By Natalie Silva - 12th April 2022

For those of you familiar with the Dynamics 365 updates, also known as ‘release waves’, you’ll be eagerly awaiting this year’s new enhancements and features. For newer Dynamics 365 users, you may have heard us big up this aspect of the software either before you came on board or when you first switched your CRM…

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Business owner on laptop. Microsoft Power Apps and Microsoft Dynmaics 365 logos in the backgorund against blue white and dark blue

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Apps explained

By Natalie Silva - 30th March 2022

Understand the relationship between these two Microsoft Power Platform products for a smarter CRM selection. For those new to the world of Dynamics 365 and Power Apps, the relationship between the two may appear to be a little vague and complicated. We’re here to clear things up and explain why it’s actually very simple and…

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Rocket CRM launch new ClickDimensions Health Check product

By Natalie Silva - 21st March 2022

Any software is a big investment, so businesses should be looking to get the most from their marketing software in a data-driven world to remain competitive and be seen and heard. We are highly this problem, as we are often asked by clients how they can get more from their ClickDimensions licenses and as a…

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desktop monitor shoing CRM software and piggy bank against blue background with text 'Find grants for your CRM project'

CRM software grants for SMEs and charities – advice and useful links

By Natalie Silva - 8th March 2022

A digital world At a time when businesses across the country are ramping up digital investment, CRM software is at the top of the list on many businesses’ Capex sheets. With CRM playing such a pivotal role in competitiveness and digital communications, it is no longer a ‘nice to have’, but an essential tool for…

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Female employee sat next to monio showing text 'is Dynamics 365 right for your business?'

Is Dynamics 365 the right CRM for your business?

By Natalie Silva - 21st February 2022

To say there is wide choice in CRM software is an understatement. The CRM market has seen huge growth in recent years, with numerous new players bursting onto the scene, as businesses level up their tech arsenal in this rapidly evolving digital world. Many of you reading will likely agree that CRM software is no…

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Helalth check graphic with software consultant coming soon with ClickDimensions logo

ClickDimensions Health Check coming soon

By Natalie Silva - 4th February 2022

New product launch for ClickDimensions users Late last year we completed a short project for one of our clients; a ClickDimensions Health Check, with the aim of uncovering opportunities and addressing issues the client was having. The project was that much of a success we have chosen to offer this as a service to all ClickDimensions…

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