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Everyone knows that here, at Rocket CRM, we are big fans of ClickDimensions and we couldn’t be more excited to test drive the new ClickDimensions online survey tool that forms part of the ClickDimensions digital marketing platform or Dynamics 365 and the power platform.

The brand new survey tool is in beta right now, so that, when creating surveys, you can choose between the classic form designer survey tool and the new online survey tool.
For a while now, the older forms designer style survey tool has been feeling like it needed a make over. The functionality was great, and it was simple to use, but it did feel outdated compared to other survey tools. The new drag and drop survey creation experience feels so much more modern, clean, elegant and is easy to use.

We tested the new online survey tool to create an annual Christmas survey, and I have to say we absolutely loved it.

Take a look below at how we got on.

Creating a survey using the ClickDimensions Online Survey Tool

We started by creating Web Content record with the Type set to “Survey” and the Survey Editor Type set to “Online Surveys”

Creating ClickDimensions Online Survey

Once we had clicked the design button the online designer canvas opened. We could clearly see the different components of the layout in a logical order. Even for someone who has never created a survey before, it’s clear to see what you need to do in order to get started.

Survey designer

We immediately got designing by dragging a Radiogroup question onto the canvas and setting some options. This is always the fun part!!!
It was also very easy to add the option of “other” so that someone could add a written response if they wanted.

Creating a simple multi choice question

Each question has an area where you can set the properties. For example you might want to make a question mandatory. To do this just toggle the Is Required field.

Question Properties

In this post we wont go into the details of every property or question type. You can read more about the properties and question types here:

One of our favourite new question types is the Image Picker. In the example below we are asking people to tell us where they would prefer to spend a Christmas Holiday.

Image picker Question

In our scenario, we want to sell discounted trips to New York to our interested survey responders. So, if someone were to choose the picture of New York in the Image Picker question, we want to present them with another question asking them if they would like to received an amazing offer.

ClickDimensions Online Survey tool New York question

With the new ClickDimensions online survey tool, we can add some simple logic to the properties of that question so that it will only be visible to the responders who click on the New York image. This was simple to do without writing any code or expressions.

Using logic to hide or show a question

Testing and Publishing with the ClickDimensions online survey tool

Once we created and saved the survey, we tested it by clicking on the Test Survey tab. Testing can be emulated for lots of different platforms and devices. Below is the results from testing on an iPhone.

Tabs showing options for testing the survey

Below is the results from testing on an iPhone.

Testing survey on iphone

We were ready to publish the survey, so we clicked on the Embed Link button. As usual, there are a multitude of options to publish or embed your ClickDimensions survey including creating a custom URL for it.

Embedding the ClickDimensions Online Survey

Where the juicy ClickDimensions goodness really comes into play is when you tie the survey submissions and responses into the ClickDimensions Campaign Automation tool. Using the Campaign Automation tool we can take actions based on the different responses to the questions. Let’s say someone has submitted the survey and said “Yes” to the amazing New York offer, we can then automate the sending of that offer without having to do anything manually.

Processing Survey Responses in ClickDimensions

You can see a short 5 minute video on the Campaign Automation tool here:

In the two images below you can see how seamlessly the questions appear or disappear based on the logic applied. Effectively drilling down into what someone is really interested in and then using the tools to serve them back content and offerings that are relevant to what they actually want.

Christmas on the beach (Alicante)

ClickDimensions survey question showing based on logic


Like all good survey tools, reporting is paramount. The greatest thing about the ClickDimensions online survey tool is that all of the survey data will come right back into your Dynamics 365 CRM database. Which means, you can do all the reporting you like, whether through excel, Power BI or just run the out of the box survey report to see a simple graphical representation of your survey responses.

Survey Report

5 tips for survey creation

Surveys as a marketing tool are often overlooked or even overused by some people! We think surveys are a great and fun way to engage with your customers and prospects but they need to be used sparingly. Our top 5 tips for survey creation are:
1. Have a purpose or an end goal in mind when creating a survey.
2. Never go beyond 1 page if you can help it.
3. Keep the survey fun.
4. Unless you’re genuinely looking for feedback try to go for closed ended questions. This will make reporting easier too.
5. Test your survey in-house before sending it out.


When people think about ClickDimensions they often just think about email marketing. This is a real mistake, there’s a reason that ClickDimensions is still the most popular online marketing platform for Dynamics 365 (despite Microsoft having their own platform!). ClickDimensions is a fully and very capable digital marketing platform. The Introduction of the online survey tool will only serve to strengthen the position of the brand within the Dynamics space and will make it more compelling for customers looking for a marketing solution for their Dynamics 365 CRM database.
Read more about ClickDimensions
Rocket CRM is a gold ClickDimensions partner. This means we can offer implementation and training expertise on ClickDimensions. We work very closely with ClickDimensions, if you want us to arrange a personal demo please get in touch and we will be happy to chat to you.

Meanwhile – this will probably be my last blog post before Christmas, so I wish all of our blog readers a fantastic Christmas 2020 and a fresh new start and great things for 2021.


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