Customer update: Microsoft Pricing Harmonisation

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Microsoft has announced a “Pricing Harmonisation” exercise to align them with the US dollar, due to changes in the exchange rate, which is set to increase license prices for UK-based customers this year.

To summarise:

  • These price changes will take effect from 1st of April 2023.
  • Any product ordered before the 1st of April 2023 will be charged at the pre-harmonised rate.
  • This is a unified approach that will affect all sectors and industries.
  • If you are on monthly commit licensing, then you will be affected by these changes and the planned increase will show on your Rocket CRM license invoice for April 2023.

Full details of this price increase can be viewed here: Microsoft Pricing Announcement.

We will be regularly emailing all clients whom this is due to impact in the following months. In the meantime, if you wish to speak to us regarding this increase or to discuss anything else relating to licensing, do reach out to us on: 0808 167 4255 or email

Many thanks,

Iain and Kyle

Rocket CRM Management Team

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