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Make money without even breaking sweat

Choosing Rocket CRM as your Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner means that you will be providing premium tools at an affordable price to your existing SMB customers. Partnering with Rocket CRM means you will no longer be caught flat footed when a customer asks about Dynamics 365 and consequently you’ll be able to confidently go after opportunities.

Rocket CRM are specialists in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, Service, Projects and Field Service with a combined CRM experience of over 25 years. We can save you the cost and pain of having to learn CRM and help you to earn monthly revenue at the same time.

With the latest update of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft clearly have their eyes on a take over of the whole SMB CRM sector. Up until now, Microsoft have dominated in the larger and more corporate arena with Microsoft Dynamics 365, but to be frank, most small businesses either found this to be a too complex or too expensive proposition.

Microsoft are planning to heavily promote the SMB sector which is likely to create a huge demand. Remember if you aren't offering Microsoft Dynamics 365 to your customers, then someone else will be and you could be be losing out on monthly revenue.

Why choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 as your promoted CRM solution?

  • Best in breed product
  • Microsoft Technology
  • Seamless email integration for your clients with Dynamics 365 and Exchange online
  • Part of the Office 365 suite
  • Simple intuitive design

Why choose Rocket CRM?

  • Instantly add a CRM department to your company
  • You can set your own margins based on our fixed costs
  • You earn money for effectively doing nothing
  • You can maintain the relationship with your client, we invoice you directly (if you choose a white labelling service)
  • We offer flexibility around licensing. You can provide this yourself or we can provide it for you
  • Full technical support available
  • Portal to help with client onboarding
  • No knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365 required from your team
  • No need to invest in training for your team to learn a new product
  • Get to market immediately with your new service

Silent partner, open relationship or introductions

Make money without even breaking sweat

Silent Partner

With this model, Rocket CRM become your CRM department and work seamlessly in the background. We are a small company and our team are used to wearing many hats and are more than happy to liaise with the customer while representing your company. Our consultants won’t mention Rocket CRM and we will aim to have a personal relationship with you and your team so that everyone on your team knows everyone on our team and what’s going on with any CRM work.


High Value

If you prefer, you can introduce us to your customer as your nominated CRM Partner and we will then work directly with the customer regarding their CRM implementation. All billing is is still done by yourselves so you will be able to set your own margins. We invoice you directly and you invoice your customer. You maintain control of the relationship with your client.



If you prefer to not get involved and would prefer a simple one off generous referral reward then we are more than happy to accommodate this kind of relationship with you too.

Frequently Asked Questions

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