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Dynamics 365 Training

We answer the most popular questions relating to Dynamics 365 and Power Apps training. Access expert advice from the guys at Rocket CRM.

Is Dynamics 365 easy to learn?

Learning how to use and configure Dynamics 365 in a relatively short period is possible.

As it is intuitively built and designed around the needs of a business, its employees and processes and its customers, learning your way around the CRM is easy.

Dynamics 365's simple and intuitive interface aids user adoption. As any business knows,s a CRM can only drive value and business growth if it is used correctly by the workforce.

You should expect your Dynamics 365 partner to offer off-the-shelf or custom training to you and your workforce to ensure that whichever business area will be using and benefiting from Dynamics 365, they are competent in its use.

Rocket CRM offer off-the-shelf or bespoke training for individuals, teams or organisations.

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Can Dynamics 365 training be tailored?

Yes, training can be delivered on-premises or remotely, off-the-shelf or tailored to the needs of your unique team. Speak to us to find out more about how Rocket CRM deliver Dynamics 365 and Power Apps training.

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Do I need regular Dynamics 365 training?

In our experience, regular ‘top-up training’ and ‘what’s new training’ are highly beneficial to a workforce. In many instances, clients have a superuser who can then share their knowledge and take on the role of in-house trainer.

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Is Dynamics 365 training expensive?

No, relative to the overall CRM investment and the long-term benefits of good user adoption, the wider business benefits outweigh the initial cost of training and onboarding.

Training delivered by Rocket CRM starts from £135 +vat per hour or £950 +vat per day.

We can also offer top-up training as part of managed service hours.

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Do you offer onsite training?

Yes, we can offer on-site training though we find the majority of our clients prefer remote training, which is more conconvenientveient, cost-effective and less impactful on their team's day-to-day activities.

There is a minimum requirement of 1-hour training per month per 10 users and a minimum of 2 hours of training per month for up to 20 users.

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