Improving user adoption with Microsoft Dynamics Tag Charts

neMicrosoft Dynamics Tag Charts

What is a tag chart

One of my favourite features of the new Unified Interface for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is tag charts. Interactive tag charts have been around for a while, but you may not have heard of them until now, as they previously only appeared in the Interactive Service Hub. The Tag chart is an out of the box feature that needs no setup and is very easy to configure.

I love tag charts, as a project manager, because they are a great user adoption tool. Obviously, on their own they aren’t going to determine the success of a CRM project, but as any project manager knows, anything that can help with user adoption is going to be a very welcome addition to the PM’s toolbox.

Using tag charts in Microsoft Dynamics 365, users can quickly and easily segment and visualise data.  Although tag charts don’t actually offer a whole lot more functionality than other charts; they just seem, in a lot of scenarios, to be a lot easier to read and work with. Our customers, on recent projects, seem to be relishing using and creating them them!
I have shown some simple and obvious examples below.

Accounts by Follow up Date


Accounts by follow up


Accounts by Sales Classification


Accounts by Sales Classification



Contacts by Account


Contacts by Account



Estimated Revenue by Industry


Estimated Revenue by Industry


Drill down

Use the drill-down feature on any other chart to create a temporary tag chart to create better instant insights into your data.
In the example below, I am drilling down into a standard chart showing industry types to look for prospects within a certain industry.

Microsoft Dynamics Tag Charts


Below, you can see the newly created temporary tag chart breaking down the specific industry contacts by their sales classification.
I can then drill down further into the prospects by another field, such as region or number of employees for example.

Microsoft Dynamics Tag Charts

How to create a Tag Chart

As a Dynamics 365 user, I can create my own tag charts very easily.

I’d like to see a tag chart of Leads by Source Campaign.
Here’s how to do that:

Open an entity view for the entity you want to create a chart for, and click the button Show Chart.
The chart window will open on whatever has been set as the default chart. In this case Leads ratings.
Microsoft Dynamics Tag Charts

Click the ellipsis button (three dots) and select New.
The chart designer window will appear. At first glance it looks complicated, but it really isn’t.

Next, select a chart type and a view.
In the next drop down, you are asked to select a field to aggregate.
Note: Notice that some fields are separated at the top of the list by a dotted line. These are the fields that are in the view you are basing the chart on. They have been placed there for easy access.

Setting the legend D365 charts

I want to see a count of how many leads there are by source campaign, so I will select the value “Lead” from the list, this will return all of the leads available in the view.

Note: Notice that the aggregation field will be set to Count:All, this is the default for tag charts. The only other option is to set it to Count:Non-empty, which will remove Null values. But you may also decide to deal with nulls in your view. There is an explanation of the difference between the two options on the Microsoft Docs website.

In the next drop-down field, I am asked to select a horizontal axis.

Essentially this is asking…”How do you want to break down the list of leads?” We will select to break by Source Campaign.
Microsoft Dynamics Tag Charts

Once you have made your selections, click Save & Close and your chart will appear in the chart window.
Open leads tag chart


Managing your personal charts

You have now created a Personal Chart, you will see that it sits in the My Charts section of the chart drop down list. No one else will have access to this chart, unless you use the Share option in the ellipsis button.
leads by source campaign

TIP: If you are a system administrator and want to create charts for others, you can create them here and assign them to other CRM users by using the Assign option in the ellipsis menu.

Assigning a Tag chart

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