My Journey: The first 15 days as a Dynamics 365/ Power Platform consultant

Axe in Wood Abe Lincoln Quote

One of my favourite quotes…

For me this has applications in all aspects of life, however, I particularly employ this philosophy in the workplace. It signifies the use of having the right tools to do the job and also being able to use them effectively.
It implies effective provision of those tools by employers and for employees the effective use of them. This is achieved through understanding needs and deploying training successfully. Given any change, as I have seen in numerous projects and CRM implementations, the ability to embed the change is crucial for success.
Back to this later but before moving to my first days in Rocket CRM let’s start with …

A bit about me:

Most of my career has been working in the corporate world of Financial Services having had different roles spanning Finance and MI, Sales, Customer Services and in Projects and Programmes (including a CRM implementation).
Last year, I took the opportunity to take a break from work and leave the company I had spent almost 17 years with – not an easy decision! The time off coincided with the birth of my first child and I could spend those precious first months with my wife and baby.
In the 9 months I have been away from the workplace,  I have completed a house renovation with a heavily pregnant wife in an incredibly short timeframe, experienced Amheera’s birth (my beautiful daughter) and spent time watching her grow so quickly, which has been priceless. Unfortunately, we had a very close family bereavement soon after her birth, but when we got some stability back I started looking for work. The market was saturated and to top it all off Covid-19 reared its head.

During my time off I often reflected on what I wanted out of a future career. I sought out a role that ticked all the right boxes for me including having a change from corporate life. I wanted to work in a small, customer focussed,  forward-thinking and growing company with a challenging role and an opportunity to apply myself on many levels. I accepted this position at Rocket CRM just prior to lockdown and here I am!

So, what have I been up to at Rocket CRM:

Having had my IT hardware delivered and set up at home prior to Day 1; I started with introductions and being given knowledge of the business. I was familiarised with key IT systems and how to use ones not encountered before. As a team we reviewed and amended my objectives and with all of this out of the way in the morning, I was hitting the ground running in the afternoon with my first Statement of Work and Business Requirements Documents to read. A pretty eventful first day, all sat in the comfort of my home.
The next day I was presented with the Dynamics 365 system for the client account and trained on functionality and the Rocket CRM way – time flew by.
It was now my turn to shine, Day 3 I was straight to business and since then I have been developing the system end to end to customer requirements with excellent support from my team. I have already presented “show and tell” review sessions with the clients having had project meetings to agree the plan. Following on from this I have been engaged in understanding a number of other clients requirements and systems. I have also been involved in a spectrum of things from strategic business growth session, third party supplier meetings, learning new systems to fielding and logging the odd client support call. I have been learning every day (which I love) and have been given regular feedback of my progress. Only 15 days in, working remotely and only scratching the surface!

Conf Call Participants

My first day at the office!

At Rocket CRM, I have also noticed that sufficient and necessary processes exist for business operation and performance – nothing is over-engineered. I have observed that in all interactions with clients the team have understood the clients needs very clearly and have been able to translate it to their requirements quickly. Gaps are picked up and options provided, whether this can be fulfilled in-house or not, the recommendation is given to help the client. Everyone is moving in the same direction to make an impactful and long-lasting change. The approach is “back to basics” with emphasis on knowing where to start, what to prioritise and making CRM simple. Customer focus is always at the forefront!
The team have been extremely open with me, helpful, patient and very welcoming which has helped build rapport.

What’s the message:

I started this blog with a quote from Abraham Lincoln and then briefly told you about my journey, how I reached Rocket CRM and my first 3 weeks in the role – what a whirlwind it has been!
My journey had it’s ups and downs with leaving a longstanding workplace, a birth, a death all are life-changing events which changed my perspective and focus. I mentioned, in spite of this, I spent time thinking about my career and I can honestly say my change in outlook has helped me refine my aspirations. I took my time and found the role I wanted.
Given everything I have been involved in at Rocket CRM already, I placed emphasis on the learning (the job, business and the systems), the support given and available and my level of involvement. All of this will shape me to be effective in my role at the given time – when I have to strike that metaphorical “tree”. I appreciate it as I don’t know how my colleagues make the time to invest, but it is an investment.
I also shared my observations of how I have seen the team at Rocket CRM operate as “back to basics” which encompasses everything I said about understanding the problem, focussing on the task at hand and delivering the right tools for the client in an Agile way. The emphasis is truly on delivering a great customer experience. But let’s not forget the preparation behind this – really getting to know the market, customers businesses and needs and keeping business simple. Getting this right now has Rocket CRM in good stead, in the new world, where there is big changes ahead. With such an ethos I really believe that we will take the business to the next level.
The message is clear, its about taking time preparing and creating solid foundations to invest in yourself as: an individual, a company and in your employees.
So the journey has just started and I’m really enjoying it … not that I have an axe to grind!

My little Amheera picture of my daughter

Our little Amheera

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