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Female employee sat next to monio showing text 'is Dynamics 365 right for your business?'

Is Dynamics 365 the right CRM for your business?

By Natalie Silva - 21st February 2022

To say there is wide choice in CRM software is an understatement. The CRM market has seen huge growth in recent years, with numerous new players bursting onto the scene, as businesses level up their tech arsenal in this rapidly evolving digital world. Many of you reading will likely agree that CRM software is no…

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Helalth check graphic with software consultant coming soon with ClickDimensions logo

ClickDimensions Health Check coming soon

By Natalie Silva - 4th February 2022

New product launch for ClickDimensions users Late last year we completed a short project for one of our clients; a ClickDimensions Health Check, with the aim of uncovering opportunities and addressing issues the client was having. The project was that much of a success we have chosen to offer this as a service to all ClickDimensions…

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The digital revolution continues

Where to start with your digital transformation – advice for businesses keen to catch up in the digital revolution

By Natalie Silva - 20th January 2022

The digital transformation story is here to stay in 2022 It’s approaching two years since we packed up our office belongings and headed to the safety of our homes. Life pre-pandemic seems like a long time ago, but we can say with some level of confidence that we’ve adapted and settled into a new way of living, shopping and socialising pretty well. Adjustments in the…

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IsMicrosoft Dynamics 365 right for your business?

Things you should know about Microsoft Dynamics 365

By Natalie Silva - 4th January 2022

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Diving into the world of CRMs is a complex business. So many options, so much to consider, various people are required to make the right decision. Even the simplest of CRM systems requires good planning and a sound understanding of CRM software. So, if you’ve heard of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM…

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Rocket CRM festive hours and customer support over the festive period

Customer Support over the festive break

By Natalie Silva - 13th December 2021

Merry Christmas to our wonderful clients. We’re feeling very merry and festive here at Rocket CRM and are just putting the final preparations in place to ensure continuity for you over the Christmas period. So, although the Rocket CRM team will be taking a break over the Christmas period and will officially be closed from…

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We keep powerful CRM simple

How we keep powerful CRM technology simple

By Natalie Silva - 1st November 2021

It is human nature to create order from chaos and no one likes complexity when trying to run a business efficiently and profitably. So, when it comes to tackling CRM projects, sense says, solutions that allow us to create simplicity and order from something complex or in danger of becoming disordered is a smart move.  And, let’s…

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ten reasons to add ClickDimensions to your marketing software shortlist

10 Reasons to add ClickDimensions to your marketing software shortlist

By Natalie Silva - 14th October 2021

When it comes to choosing a marketing platform many small companies will look primarily at the features, ease of use and price. If they’re switched on to these things someone will hopefully think to ask about integration with other platforms and very often the answer is, “I’m sure there’s an API we can use to cover that” and…

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World Mental Health Day advice from Rocket CRM

Rocket CRM share well-being advice this World Mental Health Day

By Natalie Silva - 9th October 2021

This World Mental Health Day, the Rocket CRM team reflect on the importance of fostering good mental health at work and share their advice for a happy and balanced work environment. According to the Mental Health UK charity, “1 in 4 of us will experience a mental health problem each year.” That is a stark…

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CRM and marketing automation software

How pairing scalable CRM and powerful marketing software can create a winning digital strategy – shared at B2B Marketing Expo

By Natalie Silva - 8th October 2021

On the 16th and 17th November, Rocket CRM and marketing software partner ClickDimensions will be exhibiting and presenting at Europe’s leading marketing event; the B2B Marketing Expo, at Excel London.   Renowned as an event where switched-on marketers go to keep up to date with the latest marketing tools and techniques, Rocket CRM will be keen to meet…

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ClickDimensions Web Analytics

Why B2B companies should be looking at their web analytics again & how ClickDimensions can add greater insights

By Natalie Silva - 21st September 2021

As your customers, and potential customers, start to return to offices again post-Covid, it’s worth taking the time to look again at an often-overlooked aspect of ClickDimension’s functionality, Web Analytics. Let’s have a look at how this works and why it’s worth adding a little customisation and routinely querying and enhancing this data.    But firstly, why now? What’s Covid got to do web analytics? Let’s…

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