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Microsoft Flow Test Runs

Microsoft Flow – Send an email with options buttons

By Kyle Mckie - 3rd May 2018

Sometimes with managing cases in Microsoft Dynamics 365, users want to automate sending an email to a customer and present them with some basic buttons so that the customer can choose whether to close a case without the need to reply directly to the email. In this post, I’m going to show you how we…

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woman holding tablet

Adding a digital signature box on Dynamics 365 forms

By Iain Wicks - 30th March 2018

We often hear the term “paperless” office and if you are an organisation that historically deals with a lot of physical documents you might be considering moving some of those forms to the cloud as part of a digital transformation project. Using Dynamics 365 to create customised input forms with digital signatures can help you…

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business woman on clickdimensions

InboxCast – The ClickDimensions feature that puts marketing power in the hands of mere mortals

By Iain Wicks - 27th February 2018

Imagine, as an account manager, you start typing a really useful email to a client about some updates to your products and then you think…hang on, this would be useful to send to all my clients as a personalised email. So, you then spend the next 60 minutes cutting and pasting the email text into…

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Dynamics 365 for marketing: creating a segment

By Iain Wicks - 20th February 2018

Once you have your Dynamics 365 for Marketing trial set up then the next thing you will want to do is to start creating some segments of contacts to work with. In this blog we will take a look at how to create a segment in Dynamics 365 for Marketing as well as some of…

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Dynamics 365 for Marketing Welcome Screen

Dynamics 365 for Marketing First Run Experience

By Kyle Mckie - 19th February 2018

In our previous post, we ran through an overview of Dynamics 365 for Marketing and what was included with the release. In our next post in the series, we will run through the first run experience. Before we begin A couple of key things before we start going through the first run experience, Dynamics 365…

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Bananas in a row

What are leads in Dynamics 365?

By Iain Wicks - 12th February 2018

Actually this is a very common question for people that are new to using Dynamics 365. When customers are first introduced to Dynamics 365 they often need guidance on the difference between leads and opportunities and how they both fit into the overall sales process. Furthermore what’s the difference between a lead and a contact…

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Announcing D365 for Marketing

Dynamics 365 for Marketing…here at last !

By Iain Wicks - 8th February 2018

Microsoft have finally released Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing. This release is a public preview and not yet a full release. The release comes with a full set of documentation so that the self-starters among the community can dive straight in and start to learn the product. Prerequisites If you want to get started…

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Busy control room steering CRM

CRM has gone Live…what next?

By Iain Wicks - 25th January 2018

Post Go Live So, you’ve just been through the excitement of the CRM project Go Live. The legacy system has now been disabled so even the most hardened resisters to change are now being forced to use the new system. You, as the CRM administrator, are now to going to start really earning those CRM…

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balance risks high wire walking

Risk Management in CRM Projects: What you don’t know can kill your project

By Iain Wicks - 2nd January 2018

The first thing to say is that all projects have risks. There might be a risk of not completing the project on time, a risk of never realising the expected benefits because the scope and requirements keep changing or simply because they weren’t defined clearly enough in the first place. Risks can take multiple forms…

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Happy employee training

There is only one thing worse than training employees and losing them, and that’s not training them and keeping them

By Iain Wicks - 11th December 2017

This great quote from business “guru” Zig Ziglar and really nails the importance of taking employee training seriously Effective employee training is key to a successful Dynamics 365 implementation. Time and time again we come across failed implementations that are technically and logically sound but ultimately were seen as failed projects. This is because insufficient…

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