Xpertdoc for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Empower your Dynamics 365 users with an innovative document automation solution enabling the generation, management and delivery of better documents, faster.

Streamlined, Automated Document Flows

Xpertdoc Smart Flows allows non-technical business process users to easily build and manage the document generation flows they require, without the help of an IT department. No technical knowledge or coding skills are required. This is why we think XpertDoc fits nicely into the Rocket CRM portfolio of partners because we have an ethos of keeping CRM simple.

We have implemented Smart Flows for many of our customers, where the standard Dynamics Word template functionality can't fit the requirement. In scenarios where you want to use the database structure to surface information into Word or PDF templates from entities that are several layers, down, up or across, then Smart Flows by XpertDoc really comes into it own. Other scenarios might be where you want to run a series of merged documents and have them automatically attached to an email to send out to a customer. or you want to calculate or roll-up several values from child entities (for example, in the case of a quote or invoice)


Modern, Responsive User Interface

Smart Flows works seamlessly in the unified interface. The single drop down fields to select a document make the user experience a delight.

Multiple Data Set Types

When creating a data set, you can access data form all standard and custom entities as long as you can find a relationship between them.

1:N or N:1

When designing Smart Flows users can work with 1 to many or many to one relationships to create the data structure you need.


Inside the control panel you'll manage which users can access Smart Flows, as well as have access to all the system reporting.

XpertDoc Template
builder inside of
Microsoft Word

When designing Templates in Word the XpertDoc Template builder allows you to go back to previous versions of the template.


Xpertdoc for Dynamics 365 offers seamless integrations with the Microsoft and Dynamics 365 ecosystems .

Offer: 30 Mins free Advisory

Our familiarity with Cloud CRM projects means that we can advise you from an early stage. In fact, the earlier you get an expert involved the more money you will save in the long run because you will be able to make decisions swiftly and confidently based on industry expertise. We would generally advise that you don’t try to implement CRM without the help of a partner organisation.

Whatever you decide please feel free to take advantage of our free 30-minute advisory with a certified Dynamics 365 consultant. We won’t try to sign you up to anything or push you down a certain route this is a genuine offer of free advice with someone has has managed hundreds of CRM implementations.

Is there a catch?

No... we do this in the hope that one day when you are looking for paid help that you will remember us. Just fill in the form and let us know you would like to book your 30 minute consultancy offer.