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Dynamics 365 Marketing is full to the brim with digital tools that will empower your marketing team by giving them everything they need to deliver quality inbound multi-channel campaigns.

Microsoft dynamics 365 marketing explained

Like Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Customer Service, the marketing suite is built on the Power Platform in one central data point, working seamlessly with other modules.

This unified approach to your CRM data allows you to plan and manage powerful, personalised multi-channel campaigns and customer communications efficiently whilst simultaneously working closer with sales.

The ability to customise Dynamic 365 Marketing to fit your needs, offers everything modern marketing teams need to succeed and eliminates frustrations around lack of features. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Marketing Features

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Dynamics 365 Marketing enables relationship building, turning prospects into high-quality marketing-qualified leads (MQLs). Offering email marketing, marketing automation (customer journeys), lead scoring, and web pages, it's possible to create personalised communication journeys that positively influence potential leads and drive them through the sales funnel.

Team work

Within the communication journeys, you can set triggers and assign tasks that activate sales or customer service activity at just the right time.
Aligning sales and marketing this way results in shorter buying cycles, higher conversions, and win rates.

Trigger based journeys

Use trigger-based journeys to keep your audiences engaged and encourage further action by assessing customers’ actions in real-time and then choosing how to engage with them. 

Lead scoring

Lead scoring is crucial for lead nurturing. It priorities leads based on interactions with events and customer journeys. Automated rules identify hot leads, triggering their routing to salespeople when they meet the sales-ready score, like completing forms, revisiting pages, or opening emails.

Personalised emails

Dynamics 365 Marketing offers easy-to-build personalised email communications standalone or part of automation campaigns. The user-friendly email editor allows professional designs without HTML coding, while AI technology enhances efficiency. By creating and sharing pre-set templates for sales team communications, marketing teams can ensure quality control.

Customer analytics

Segment your customer journeys using dynamic or fixed criteria and enhance lead scoring strategies with customer analytics. Utilise Customer Insights charts and widgets to measure lead health, quality, lead age, interaction timeline, and qualification progression.

Event management

Efficiently manage events with tools in Dynamics 365 CRM. Plan, budget, and execute on and offline events smoothly, while promoting and updating attendees through email marketing and automation. Generate an online event portal for information and registration. Centralized data simplifies oversight, enhancing team collaboration.

Manage social media

Streamline social activity management with scheduling tools for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts. The social media dashboard enables the marketing team to view and schedule posts. Demonstrate the impact of social media marketing and track performance through the user-friendly report dashboard.

Evaluate performance

Marketing requires ongoing evaluation and refinement for optimal ROI. Dynamics 365 provides powerful data analytics, enabling smart marketing decisions and precise campaign evaluation through a simple analytics dashboard. Access the marketing dashboard to view relevant metrics and KPIs, accurately measuring campaign impact.

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Integrating your sales, marketing & service data 

Using Dynamics 365 Sales, Marketing or Customer Service together results in better collaboration and instant real-time access to customer data at any point in the customer journey.

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Dynamics 365

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