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Transform sales and marketing with a powerful CRM 

Manage your sales pipeline better, convert leads quicker, and improve your customer experience with Dynamics 365 and Power Apps. 

CRM built for humans 

Our CRM systems work so flippin’ well because we get the fundamentals right; we keep things simple and focus on you.

Discover, grow and learn 

Choose from sales, marketing and customer service, or all three! 

Could you save money on your Dynamics 365 or Power Apps licenses? 

Up-skill your people with Dynamics 365 and Power Apps training. 

Beef up your CRM and Dynamics 365 knowledge. 

Could you save money on your Dynamics 365 or Power Apps licenses? 

The right CRM is critical. But so is the right partner.

The sky's the limit with the right Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner. Get expert support, skills and knowledge from a team who keeps CRM and data management simple.

With Rocket CRM, you gain a powerful and intuitive CRM platform from Microsoft and work with a trusted partner invested in your success who will make simple work of your CRM project. 

Why Rocket CRM? 

We simplify sophisticated and powerful CRM technology by building Dynamics 365 and Power Apps CRM solutions for smaller organisations. 

Famed for going the extra mile, our fantastic team of Dynamics 365 consultants are brimming with skills and ways to make CRM implementation and management simple and painless for your business.

What’s more, we won’t overcomplicate things or try to impress you with our technical know-how. Instead, we live by our mantra of ‘keeping CRM simple’.

Plus, with Microsoft and ClickDimensions accreditation, you can relax knowing you have experts at hand, not cowboys.

What are Dynamics 365 and Power Apps?

Dynamics 365 and power Apps connect your data and enable better team collaboration in an intuitive and simple way. Unifying your customer data and your people to drive growth.

It makes simple work of managing your sales, marketing and customer service data, whether you choose those solutions on their own or together as one seamless solution.

CRM exactly how you need it

Manage your data without compromises with a CRM that fits and works perfectly to your needs. 

If your organisation needs the full ‘bells and whistles’ with a custom-built CRM platform, not a problem. Or, for micro-businesses and small SMBs, perhaps an ‘out-of-the-box’ product is better suited. Well, we can deliver that too.  

And as you grow, so will your CRM.

Should you require more complexity, additional applications and features from Dynamics 365 sales, marketing, or customer service can be easily added when the time comes.

Powerful features 

Dynamic 365 and Power Apps pack a punch. With business intelligence solutions, cutting-edge AI tools and time-saving automation features, the opportunities to transform your sales and marketing into an efficient and powerful operation are boundless. 


Navigate seamlessly from your Dynamics 365 or Power Apps CRM to Microsoft Teams, Outlook and other Microsoft products. Or connect your CRM to third-party platforms and applications for unified data syncing. 

Software that evolves 

Dynamics 365 continually invests in its features and tools. This means you will always benefit from the most updated CRM technology that will drive efficiency and help you gain that competitive edge. 

Considering Dynamics 365 and Power Apps for the first time? 

Book a free consultation with Rocket CRM, and we’ll explain more about Dynamics 365 and Power Apps and how they differ from other CRMs. 

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