Equip your sales team for growth

Help your sales team navigate the realities of modern selling with greater agility and productivity and win more new business with Dynamics 365 Sales.

Designed to help businesses thrive in a digital world, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is loaded with intelligent tools that help you maintain stronger customer relationships and manage pipelines better. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales explained

Dynamics 365 Sales is a cloud-based CRM built on the Microsoft Power Platform, offering the latest technology to help sales teams integrate, automate and streamline sales activities. 

Adaptable, intelligent and scalable, Dynamics 365 Sales is the smart CRM choice for businesses that want to grow.

Used on its own, Dynamics 365 Sales packs a punch, but when paired alongside other Dynamics 365 applications; Marketing and Customer Service, it becomes a supercharged CRM suite.

As a Microsoft product, it works seamlessly with other solutions in the Microsoft ecosystem: Teams, Outlook, Office 365 and SharePoint, to name a few. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Sales Features

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Secure sales

Microsoft Dynamics 365 equips sales teams with data and CRM tools to excel in the digital marketplace while prioritising customer needs. The platform offers cutting-edge tools for effective sales pipeline management and improved customer engagement, enabling quick response and seizing opportunities. It provides a clever and user-friendly CRM that users will appreciate.

Boost productivity

Dynamics 365 Sales uses AI automation and workflows, freeing sales teams to focus on revenue growth. Integrated with Marketing and Customer Service, it provides a comprehensive view of leads and customer activity, leading to improved customer experience, increased loyalty, and higher sales.

Make better decisions

Dynamics 365 Sales report dashboards give managers and leaders ultimate data insight, allowing them to better manage and measure team performance, and make informed and impactful decisions. Customer experience will improve, loyalty will increase, and sales will soar.

Sales insights

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you’re giving your sales teams the data and CRM tools to sell better in a competitive digital world, whilst staying laser-focused on the customer. Your sales team can manage sales pipelines like pros and engage better with customers

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Integrating your sales, marketing & service data 

Using Dynamics 365 Sales, Marketing or Customer Service together results in better collaboration and instant real-time access to customer data at any point in the customer journey.

Dynamics 365


Dynamics 365

Customer service

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

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