Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training

Take your business to higher levels with Dynamics 365 and Power Apps training.

CRM training is a worthwhile investment

A shiny new CRM is a great, but if your employees or volunteers don’t know how to use it, or worse, don’t want to use it – it’s a wasted investment.

70 % of CRM projects fail due to poor user adoption. 

This is a staggering failure rate which can be mitigated with a robust approach to user training.


Whether your employees are familiar with Dynamics 365 or it’s a completely new CRM to them, training is a vital component.

Flexible CRM training to fit your business needs

Company roll-out 

As part of every CRM implementation project, we include user training to ensure your teams are familiar with your new system when it goes live.

With our approach, your training isn’t an afterthought but a critical element of your CRM project. We will devise and deliver a training programme custom-made for your unique needs.

Introduction to Dynamics 365 or Power Apps

For those new to Dynamics 365 or ClickDimensions, an introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the best place to start. This training gives your employees a fundamental understanding of the Dynamics 365 system or ClickDimensions.

This is often function or role-based and looks at the user’s processes within the software. It also covers the basics of data management and GDPR. Though we also offer a dedicated data management course if you need to go more in-depth.

Data management training

Ensure your employees understand the importance of good data management and have them maximise the value of customer data with data management training.

This course focuses on the fundamentals and covers topics such as good data management practices, tools for improving data accuracy, data cleansing, data import and export, GDPR, and data usage. 

Role Specific Training

Marketing user training 

Empower your marketing teams with the skills and knowledge to plan and manage brilliant marketing campaigns with Dynamics 365 Marketing or ClickDimensions training.

This CRM training course looks at the marketing campaign functions within Microsoft Dynamics 365 or ClickDimensions and demonstrates how these can be used to deploy elevated multi-channel marketing campaigns. 

We also offer a ClickDimensions Health Check service that ensures your marketing software is correctly configured and aligned to your marketing goals.

System administrator training 

System administrator training is designed for those who are responsible for the administration and deployment of Dynamics 365 across the organisation. It covers user management, database management, entities, forms, fields, views, dashboards, and administration settings. 

Sales user training

Ensure your sales team have the confidence to maximise the benefit of your Dynamics 365 or Power Apps CRM with quality training. Designed with the sales user in mind, this training course can be tailored to management or team member level. The goal is to ensure users understand how to manage and update records using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. And includes topics such as lead management, opportunity management, process flows, dashboards, reporting, and much more. 

Customer service user training

This training looks at customer service automation within Microsoft Dynamics 365 and teaches users how to use Dynamics 365 Customer Service to operate efficient and effective customer service delivery.  

What's new training 

Stay informed on new features and updates across the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecosystem. In this course, we explain how users can access and implement the new features and tools to benefit their role and the wider organisation.

We keep our finger on the pulse.