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Everything you need to strengthen supporter relationships and increase fundraising income whilst keeping cost low.

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Use the power and flexibility of Dynamics 365 or Power Apps to transform your charity operations


Accurately track fundraising activity and income with a not-for-profit CRM that gives you better communication tools and a holistic view of supporter activity. And drive future fundraising income by analysing campaign performance and supporter engagement.

Awareness and engagement

Drive engagement with your existing supporters with perfectly timed and personalised multi-channel communications, grow awareness of your cause and nurture potential supporters with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing or ClickDimensions.

What marketing tools are available for Dynamics 365 or Power Apps users?

Discover ClickDimensions - our recommended marketing app for our clients.

A CRM designed for users

Drive efficiency

Focus more resources on the activities that matter by minimising administration and laborious navigation across systems with an integrated and centralised CRM. Dynamics 365 and Power Apps seamlessly integrates with other applications in the Microsoft ecosystem, such as Office, SharePoint and Teams, making user navigation smooth and instant.


With productivity and communication tools such as Microsoft Teams your teams will be able to collaborate better. With fully integrated apps and, centralised database and seamless integration, activity and data silos are completely removed. Increasing pace and effectiveness of team activities.

Easy to use

Provide your teams and volunteers with a CRM that’s easy to use. With Dynamics 365 and Power Apps technology, your teams will embrace, not resist, your new system thanks to its simple user-focused design. As your custom-built CRM will be built to your specific needs, your team will wonder how they ever managed without it.

Banish the dreaded data silos

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and remove growth-restricting data silos. Instead, gain a better understanding of all areas of your not-for-profit, increase collaboration and drive productivity with a secure, centralised cloud CRM. 

Why finance and your board of directors will love this CRM


Dynamics 365 and Power Apps technology makes it possible to have a CRM built to your exact needs.  It can be as simple or as complex as required, regardless of the size of your charity. And if you’re starting small and looking to grow, you can start with a low-cost, simple solution and then build it out quickly and cost-efficiently as you grow.


With Power Apps multi-level security model, you gain total control over data access. Making it simple to control user access and tailor permissions to records and other data appropriate a user’s job role.

And with secure data storage on Microsoft’s cloud platform Azure, you can be confident that your data is well protected for GDPR and data protection regulation compliance.

Accountability reporting

Access beneficiary, supporter and donor data to demonstrate how donations are being used to do good. Create report dashboards that show exactly what you need to see, whether that be supporter numbers, supporter engagement, fundraising income or beneficiary activity and impact reports. 

Low cost

Have peace of mind that you're controlling costs well with a low-cost CRM that delivers incredible value for money. Take advantage of incredibly generous nonprofit discounts and save up to 75% on your software license costs. And avoid overpaying for unnecessary functions, tools and licenses with a flexible CRM that has everything your need and nothing you don't.

Choose Dynamics 365 or Power Apps to create your CRM

Both pack a punch, with the same look and feel, but which is the best? 

Essentially, it’s the same ‘nuts and bolts’ underneath but with some distinct differences, as both products are built on the Power Platform.


Which you choose is dependent on many variables.

Power Apps

The low-cost, rapid deployment option, Power Apps offer the ideal CRM solution for charities. Start simple and add to its complexity as your not for profit grows. Its flexibility means it can be used for a wide range of solutions from fundraising, marketing and case management, to program design, donor insights, and finance and operations.

Dynamics 365

The ‘out-of-the-box’ solution, where many of the components and tools of the CRM have been pre-built. These pre-baked solutions include sales, marketing and customer service modules. This option is often best suited to larger charities with greater complexity.

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Get familiar with your new CRM

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