Deliver more leads with powerful marketing automation software

Set the marketing dial to ten and deliver quality leads with ClickDimensions, a Dynamics 365 compatible marketing software.

ClickDimensions gives SMB marketers all the digital tools they need to deliver quality, personalised digital marketing communications, all within your Dynamics 365 CRM platform.

What makes ClickDimensions different?

When you need marketing automation with seamless Microsoft Dynamics 365 compatibility, ClickDimensions is in a league of its own. Here’s why...

When 2 become 1

Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales and ClickDimensions work like one single system offering seamless data integration

A lead nurturing machine

Connect sales and marketing in one centralised place and prove the value of Marketing by capturing, nurturing and converting more leads. 

Digital marketing tools that pack a punch

ClickDimensions is packed with digital tools that enable marketing to deliver integrated multi-channel communications that optimise sales and marketing activity at every stage of the funnel.


Marketing Features

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Email marketing

Create personalised emails effortlessly using ClickDimensions' drag and drop, freestyle, or HTML editors. Utilise pre-set templates or create custom ones with logos, images, and custom fonts. Send as bulk emails to individuals, or trigger automated workflows. Experiment with split testing for creative, copy variations, and refine campaigns through the email reporting dashboard.

Data capture tools

Data lists creation is streamlined with ClickDimensions' web forms tool, offering a user-friendly drag-and-drop form designer. Embed forms on your website with ease. Customise post-form actions, such as auto responses, adding to marketing lists, alerting sales, or setting follow-up tasks. Utilise lists for nurturing campaigns, newsletters, and sales activities.

Events integration

Make event management smooth by capturing registration, attendance and other data within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. Use the ClickDimensions connecters to integrate your CRM with leading event management systems such as GoToWebinar, WebEx, Cvent, Eventbrite, Zoom Webinar and Microsoft Teams Events.

Survey your customers

ClickDimensions' Surveys in Dynamics 365 Sales retain valuable customer feedback data. Use the drag-and-drop designer to create customised surveys and send them via email or web page to leads, contacts, and accounts. Employ response triggers to turn negative experiences into opportunities for customer delight. Automate emails to account managers to address unsatisfactory feedback.

Campaign automation

Drive meaningful communications at every stage of the buying cycle with ClickDimensions campaign automation within Dynamics 365 CRM. Automate messages for various scenarios, including lead nurturing, event promotion, customer onboarding, feedback collection, and customer alerts. Boost audience engagement and build trust with seamless marketing activity.

Lead scoring

Accelerate the sales cycle by combining your automation and email tools with lead scoring and bring sales into the loop to focus them on quality prospects at just the right time. Score prospects based on buying behaviour, such as form submission, email opens, and unsubscribes. And when a prospect is ‘ready to buy’, send a real-time alert to sales for follow-up.

Social media tools

Save time and money by managing social media posts in Dynamics 365. Instantly post or schedule for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Use ClickDimensions' Social Posting for more features, like content scheduling, curation, analytics, and reporting. Leverage social listening, campaign tracking, and advocacy programs for better marketing results.

SMS marketing

Leverage SMS Marketing with ClickDimensions' Twilio, MessageNet, and BulkSMS integrations in Dynamics 365 Sales. Manage personalized text message campaigns to leads and contacts. Send bulk messages or trigger personalized SMS from CRM workflows. Record all SMS activity in your CRM for a comprehensive view of customer communications.

Web tracking

ClickDimensions empowers marketers with email marketing, automation (customer journeys), lead scoring, and web pages to attract, nurture, and convert prospects. Personalised communication journeys effectively impact potential leads and guide them through the sales funnel.

Marketing calendar

Maintain transparency between teams and synchronise your marketing activities using the ClickDimensions marketing calendar. A simple calendar shoes those with access what activity is happening and when, keeping everyone in the loop and focused on what counts.

Rapid implementation

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I’m not a Microsoft Dynamics 365 user

If you’re not a Microsoft Dynamics user and interested in ClickDimensions, speak to us. We’re Microsoft Dynamics experts and can explain how you can switch to this powerful duo.

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