ClickDimensions Health Check

Get more from ClickDimensions with a system check that ensures your software is properly aligned with your sales and marketing goals.

Want to get more from ClickDimensions but aren’t sure of how?

Run a ClickDimensions health check and get more from your marketing platform.

From our experience, we find that businesses sometimes underutilise ClickDimensions’ powerful features. This is because the system isn’t configured correctly nor properly aligned with the business’s marketing goals.

We can improve configurations and identify the best way to apply the marketing tools to support your goals and transform your digital marketing.

How it works

Tell us your woes

Share your immediate issues and frustrations in an initial fact-find session. Armed with this knowledge we can then advise on how best to align the system to your marketing goals. The more we discover at this stage the more accurately we can tailor the configurations and settings.

This fact-find session may also highlight training needs for your marketing team.

System diagnostic

The next stage involves a comprehensive system diagnostic, where a ClickDimensions specialist will dive into your settings, configurations and tool usage. And then consider how you can get more from its features.

We’ll go through the system with a fine-tooth comb to ensure everything is configured correctly, up-to-date and that current best practices are being employed.

This Health Check will be applied to one production environment only.

Comprehensive report

Receive a detailed report on every aspect of the check we have performed.

The report will include existing or missing settings and any changes or additions that we have made.

Also include will be recommendations which fall outside the scope of this Health Check which you can then activate with our support by using your managed service hours.

Otherwise, changes can be delivered on a project basis and priced accordingly to the scope of works and time taken to complete.

1 hour workshop

And to make extra sure that you squeeze as much value out of the ClickDimensions Health Check we will deliver a one-hour workshop where we’ll discuss:

ClickDimensions Healthcheck Pricing

£1050 +VAT

*If you are an existing client you can pay in advance or use your managed hours to cover part or all this cost.

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