5 Reasons you need to be using Microsoft Sales Copilot with your CRM

Microsoft Sales Copilot

In the era of AI, all organisations can access AI tools that can drive efficiency and effectiveness, yet we appreciate it can be daunting to try new ways of doing things. In this short article, we’re going to discuss Microsoft’s AI product, specifically Microsoft Sales Copilot and how it can help ramp up productivity and help contribute to sales growth.  


Microsoft Copilot explained 

Copilot is Microsoft’s Generic AI technology, which it has rolled out across its many products. It’s a powerful tool designed to help Microsoft 365 users by automating and improving tasks. It does this by finding, presenting, and applying information, creating unique content, and generally helping get tasks done quickly. 


We’re going to focus on the Sales Copilot product and will show you how you can use it with your CRM to drive sales productivity. We’re going to explain why, if you’re a Dynamics 365 user or any compatible CRM user, you should be using Copilot. Side note  – Our example video shared later on, is with Dynamics 365 Sales as we happen to be a Microsoft Dynamics Partner. 


The best way to think of Sales Copilot is that it literally brings your CRM data to the everyday activities you carry out in Outlook and Teams, and it can be used to gain insights and deliver better content and be more efficient and effective. 

Here are 5 benefits of leveraging Copilot:

  1. Increased productivity – it helps you supercharge your work and carry out administration tasks quickly. Saving you time. Freeing up time for you to focus on the activity that matters, which will ultimately help you close more deals. 
  2. Better communications – it also works as a writing coach helping you refine your communications so that your emails and presentations land better with your audience. 
  3. Personalisation – Copilot analyses discussions and offers valuable insights from your CRM to ensure your communications are effective and relevant. 
  4. Better collaboration – as it provided instant access to data and knowledge across you sales team it helps them work collaboratively and more effectively. 
  5. Expertise – Copilot offers a wealth of insights, knowledge competitor information, market insight and customer data, helping your teams make the best decisions. 

Think of it as a sales admin superhero, there to help your teams with everyday tasks. Thereby streamlining activities and improving the way your organisation engages with customers and leads. 


Microsoft Sales Copilot in action 

In this short video Iain Wicks walks us though a quick example of how you can use Sales Copilot in your sales emails, showing how it connects directly with your CRM to help you be more efficient. 

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