ClickDimensions Platinum Partner

Microsoft Dynamics Partner, Rocket CRM, recognised as ClickDimensions Platinum Partner.

We are proud to announce that Rocket CRM has recently been awarded Platinum Partner status by ClickDimensions, our chosen Microsoft Dynamics marketing software provider. ClickDimensions are the leading marketing technology and services provider for Microsoft Dynamics 365, offering digital marketing applications designed to drive growth and engagement.   As a partner of five years, we have seen our client base steadily…

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Dynamics 365 Word Template creation

Dynamics 365 Word Templates in 9 easy steps

In this blog, I will demonstrate how to create Dynamics 365 Word Templates in 9 easy steps. Dynamics 365  natively integrates with the Microsoft 365 suite of products which includes Word.  There are third party vendors (see link at bottom page) with products that extend the functionality available from Microsoft, especially for document creation, management…

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ClickDimensions user on laptop

ClickDimensions: An Introduction and Overview

We recently asked one of our customers to give us an introduction to ClickDimensions, based on her experiences of the product. This post is based on what she told us: I have been in the CRM and Dynamics arena for around 4 years and a product I had heard a lot about is ClickDimensions. At…

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Forms Pro

Forms Pro: The free survey tool for Dynamics 365

In times of uncertainty, we could all use a helping hand. Here’s a great tip if you’re already using Microsoft Dynamics 365 and you have a need to create forms, quizzes or surveys. Did you know that you also have free access to use Forms Pro? … Well, you’re not the only one, it seems…

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Dynamics 365 Marketing Send Now

Four reasons I wouldn’t use Dynamics 365 Marketing’s “send now” feature in a production environment.

Microsoft recently released a much needed and requested feature for the Dynamics 365 Marketing product called Send Now. With this feature, marketing users can “instantly” send a marketing email to one or more individuals. Dynamics 365 CRM users can do this without requiring knowledge of how to create a customer segments and customer journeys and…

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Subscription lists Dynamics 365

Subscription lists in Dynamics 365 Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Subscription Lists One of the great features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing is the use of subscription lists. Subscription lists can be surfaced through Dynamics 365 Marketing emails so that when a customer receives a marketing email, they can click on a link in the email and be presented with their…

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Dynamics 365 Marketing ClickDimensions Comparison

Product comparison Part 2 This is the second part of a two-part post; Dynamics 365 Marketing ClickDimensions Comparison, looking at the user experience of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing versus ClickDimensions in a basic functional area. In part one we went through the experience of creating an email template with Dynamics 365 for Marketing. Dynamics 365…

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ClickD vs D365 for Marketing Announcement

Dynamics 365 for Marketing vs ClickDimensions (part 1)

Introduction For users of Microsoft Dynamics the obvious choice for digital marketing has, for years, been to use ClickDimensions. This is due to the fact that ClickDimensions is entirely designed and built around Dynamics 365 and it sits, natively, right within the Dynamics interface. In spring 2018 Microsoft  launched their own marketing product suite to…

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