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Suffolk Mind: Using Microsoft Power Apps for Charities

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"“Rocket worked with us to understand our CRM needs and provide an adaptable app that collates our fundraising information and financials. Our requirements evolved as the app was tested which Rocket willingly accommodated whilst providing suggestions and methods of simplifying our business processes.
The training and support they gave has enabled us to become almost self-sufficient in less to no time, along with the confidence that we can call upon them if the need arises!”

Sarah Slade

Digital Development Manager, Suffolk Mind

Removed reliance on spreadsheets
Reliable fundraising tracking
Simple to use App
Single source of data

About Suffolk Mind

Suffolk Mind are an ambitious and innovative mental health charity. They provide education services on how to keep mentally healthy; support services for people suffering mental illness; and supported accommodation. They are currently experiencing a period of accelerated growth and want to implement the best digital strategies to support that growth over the coming years.

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Project summary

Suffolk Mind contacted Rocket CRM with a request to help organise their donations process for the Fundraising area through a phased approach. They were managing this through a number of spreadsheets which had a lot of associated risks including data management, duplication of tasks, sharing of information, reporting and GDPR compliance. Dynamics was already deployed in another area of the business and being used to drive training opportunities, although the user adoption was not great. After a requirements process, Rocket CRM was chosen to build a bespoke no-code Model-driven CRM application to suit the needs of the organisation.
The brief was to keep the CRM system simple to help generate buy-in and engagement whilst maintaining a cost-effective approach. User experience and security was a priority due to use both by staff members and volunteers.
The resulting CRM application was built on the Microsoft Power Platforms Unified Interface and was focused on supporting the fundraising processes and receipt of funds. It contained functionality to:
record details of fundraising activities and track associated communications; link incoming funds including gift aid details to streamline our annual declaration process.
Rocket CRM were also involved in the training of the new system following which it was successfully deployed.
Suffolk Mind state ‘we are delighted with phase 1 of our CRM. We are approaching this project as a series of baby steps as we are mindful of change management best practice so there is still work to do to fully automate processes. We are already seeking to expand the implementation to other teams and are in a great position to upscale and support the rapidly growing demand upon our services.’
Future phases will be managed through the engagement of a Managed Service contract. This type of contract means that Suffolk Mind have a set number of regular hours, that can be put towards training, development, report writing or any other CRM related services.

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Why Rocket CRM?

Rocket CRM were chosen because they quickly grasped the extent of the CRM requirements and were able to prioritise them into a road map for CRM development. Rocket CRM understands that it is important to to keep things simple and to focus on the right things to make a CRM project successful.

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