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Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for charities

The flexibility, scalability, and power of Microsoft Dynamics make it an ideal CRM solution for the unique needs of the charity sector

Fundraising management, donor management, membership management, and accountability reporting. Charities have a very specific, yet varied set of needs, quite different from public and private organisations 

When off-the-shelf CRM and antiquated systems no longer work,  it's time to look for a solution that will serve the unique requirements of your charity in an affordable way.

Reasons to switch to Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Very low cost of monthly license compared to other membership systems
  • World Class Microsoft platform
  • Seamless office 365 integration
  • Simple intuitive design
  • Flexibility
  • No special configuration is required for mobile devices
  • Just the things you need in "your" App
  • Quick user adoption as the system is built only around what you need.

Benefits of Dynamics 365 for charities

Increasing fundraising revenue

With data on all supporters, donors, and benefactors held in one place, your charity can gain the bigger picture, resulting in informed and smarter decisions.

And with a 365 view of each supporter, fundraisers can gain powerful insight into supporter activity and drive further engagement with perfectly timed and personalised communications, using smart marketing automation tools with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing and ClickDimensions.

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Drive efficiency

Replace a clunky and outdated CRM with a user-friendly, simplistic and smart CRM that is built with the user in mind.

The centralised and fully integrated features of Microsoft Dynamics drives efficiency by reducing administration and navigation time from module to module. And, as a Microsoft system, its seamlessly integrates with other supporting Microsoft applications such as Microsoft Office, SharePoint and Teams.

Customisable Charity CRM

The system is fully customisable, which means, no more workarounds or clunky time-laborious navigation.

As it is built around the exact needs of your charity, it is designed to drive efficiency, minimise administration and deliver meaningful insight and reporting.   

This adaptability gives Microsoft CRM for charities an edge over off-the-shelf alternatives which often lack specific yet critical data management features.

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A CRM that's easy to use

It's not uncommon for there to be resistance to new systems within charities, with new technology a daunting prospect for some user groups. Thankfully, that's where we come in.

Our role is to firstly make the system easy to use, regardless of the complexity of your operations, so that your employees and volunteers embrace the new CRM system.

Secondly, we are there to train and support your teams, once the system has been implemented. And with our managed service, your charity has peace of mind that there will always be someone on hand to support when there's a technical issue or question.

Scalable CRM

One ofo the greatest benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is that it can be as simple or as complex as required.

Your charity may have 5 or 100 users, there are no restrictions, it is suitable for charities of any size. This is reassuring, especially for growing not-for-profits that need a CRM solution that will grow with them. It is the ideal future-proof solution for charities that don't standstill.

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When it comes to managing operations efficiently and controlling costs, Microsoft Dynamics CRM comes into its own, giving charities the power to do more good efficiently, gather public support and be accountable for their activities and related costs.

Implementing your Microsoft CRM

Highly experienced in the not-for-profit sector, Rocket CRM has helped countless charities transform their operations by implementing fit-for-purpose CRM solutions.

We approach every project with rigour and diligence and our mantra of 'keeping it simple' ensures that we get the solution right, the first time. We aim to make any CRM project and data migration as smooth and painless as possible and get you up and running efficiently and quickly.

Dynamics 365 Pricing

We have built CRM systems based on the Power Apps platform that includes all of the functionality listed below. Microsoft Power Apps licensing starts at £7.50 per user per month, which is a fraction of the cost of more traditional membership systems, so you can see why more and more organisations are turning to Power Apps for their business solutions.

If you have a membership requirement where the off-the-shelf products don't cut it, speak to us to find out what we can do for your organisation.

Why Choose Rocket CRM?

Rocket CRM is London based Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner, highly experienced, but also capable of making the complex simple. We take the time to dig deep and understand your business so that we can build a customer service CRM system that is built around the unique needs of your charitable organisation.

Our mission is to help small to medium-sized companies and charities grow.

We offer completely free 30-minute consultations with no catch, no ulterior motives other than to share our extensive CRM knowledge.