Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 licensing options

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a multi-tiered licensing model.
The key benefits include:


You can mix and match different types of licenses to accommodate the specific needs of your business and save money in the process.

High value

You can choose from highly competitive offerings with a low total cost of ownership.


You acquire licenses based on the functionality you require, rather than how you access the system.

Mobile access

You can access CRM data with your mobile device at no additional charge.

You can purchase licensing from a partner such as Rocket CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a suite of products that have been broken down to individual apps. Each of these apps is aligned to a specific job function, for example, you can use the Sales App for sales functionality such as managing your sales process using leads, opportunities and quotes. The Service App can be used for case management and SLA's or the Marketing App for email marketing, event management or customer journeys.

When you buy licenses for Microsoft Dynamics 365, you buy them based on what function (i.e. which app) the user needs access to. Within your organisation, you can mix and match licenses to suit each use case and each licenses gives the user the respective functionality, whether that is sales, service, marketing or “light touch” depends upon the license type you purchase.

There are a vast array of differing license types within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and PowerApps suite and we can help you make the most cost-effective choice of licenses based on your functional requirements. We've noted down some simplified criteria about the most common license types to help you make your decision on which licenses you need, but for more information on license costs or help on what type of licenses you require for your business, please contact us.

Three most common Dynamics 365 license types:

1. Single App
An App license that gives a user access to a specific area of the system, such as Sales or Service. The user can use all the functionality in the specific App as well as have 'light touch' access to other areas of the system.

2. Additional Apps
If a user requires functionality across multiple functions, additional Apps can be bolted on at a reduced rate to allow them the additional functions they require. As above, these users will still have light touch access to the other areas of the system.

3. Team Member
The Dynamics 365 for Team Member license is designed for users who are not tied to a particular function, but who require basic Dynamics 365 functionality. This license includes read access as well as some write access for select light tasks across all Dynamics 365.

Microsoft 365 Licensing

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