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The simple CRM for sales teams based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform

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We've been working hard in order to make your life easier!

When choosing a simple CRM for sales teams it is important that you choose something robust and light-touch but at the same time, it needs to be comprehensive enough to be used as a managerial tool. With Rocket Launch Sales you'll get that balance just right, but, you'll also get the full support and back up of a professional CRM team of experts behind you to support you and your team. 

With Rocket Launch Sales, you'll no longer have to worry about having to chase your team to get their projections for the coming months because you'll have access to everything right in front of you. You can forget about all the noise and duplication of effort that comes from having multiple copies of the same spreadsheet. Rocket Launch Sales will help free up more time for you and your team to focus on making sales and less time on pointless admin.


What is Rocket Launch Sales?

Rocket Launch Sales is the combination of a simple CRM for sales teams and the backup and support of a team of real experts in CRM. The team at Rocket CRM have been delivering and supporting CRM for years; what they don't know about CRM you could fit inside a frogs ear!

Each month you'll get a set amount of consultancy hours to put towards training or enhancement of your CRM system.

Each of your team members will get a login to the CRM and will be able to add and track their leads and opportunities. Rocket Launch Sales is based on the Microsoft Power Platform, and will sit alongside all of your existing Microsoft 365 apps. This is fabulous news for existing Microsoft 365 users because it means they can log into Rocket Launch Sales with their existing Microsoft 365 credentials.

You can read more about the Power Apps and the Microsoft Platform here.

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What's inside Rocket Launch Sales?

Once inside the CRM, your users will have access to the following areas:

  • Accounts: Accounts is another name for companies. Use this area to store the details of the various organisations that you work with. These organisations may be your prospects, your customers, your suppliers or something else. Sometimes an account record may have more than one relationship with you. For example ACME Rubber Turkeys Ltd maybe a prospect and a supplier.
  • Contacts: Contacts are people. Typically you will create one contact record for each person you deal with. It is important to note that a contact doesn't have to be linked to an account record and therefore, can exist in the CRM as an individual record.
  • Leads: This might be an enquiry or a cold prospect. It might be someone who has just called in or filled out a web form. A lead record represents the first step on the sales process. A lead can be linked to an existing contact or exist as a stand-alone record. 
  • Opportunities:  Once a lead is qualified it will convert into an opportunity. An opportunity represents the part of the sales process where a potential sale or deal has been identified, often the opportunity will go through various stages in it's life-cycle before it is eventually closed as won or as lost.
  • Marketing Lists: This entity allows the grouping and segmenting of accounts, contacts or leads. Generally this is used for marketing purposes, but can be used for other reasons e.g. a list of your VIP customers or a list of people who attended the corporate golf day.
  • Dashboards and Charts: Simple to use and interactive graphical representation of data. Examples include sales pipeline funnels, opportunities grouped by type or contacts by city.
  • Activities: You can create tasks, phone calls and appointments in Rocket Launch Sales and even have them sync out to your Microsoft Outlook calendar. The effect of this is that it becomes easy to track and find all of the activities that you carry out for a particular opportunity.
  • ...and More  As the use of CRM advances we can unlock and surface even more entities and even create new custom tables to fit your needs exactly. Read more about the sales entities available here.
  • We will also set your users up with Rocket Launch Sales inside their Microsoft Outlook folders. This allows the sales team to use the users to see a CRM pane inside of Microsoft Outlook.

Benefits of using Rocket Launch Sales?

  • Easy to use interface
  • A single 360 degree insight into each customer
  • Simple to view pipelines
  • Real time reports and dashboards
  • Track customer journeys from start to finish in one place
  • Close more sales
  • Turns leads into Opportunities
  • View CRM from within Microsoft Outlook
  • Low, consistent monthly price
  • Free Training

What is the pricing model

Every organisation has budgets to hit. One of the compelling features of Rocket Launch Sales is that the customer can dictate how much they want to pay. The costs are broken down into two categories:

License costs

Each user will need a Microsoft PowerApps license. Rocket CRM can provide this as well as licensing for all your Microsoft 365 suite if necessary. Typically license costs are approx £32 per month for the first user and £7.50 per month for all other users.

Consultancy hours

Consultancy hours are charged at a flat rate per hour per month. The customer can determine how many hours they think they will need  on a monthly basis to enhance and improve their CRM system. Although there is a minimum requirement to have 2 hours per month.

A consistent monthly fee for your CRM and it's future growth within your company. A lot of organisations like this type of approach because the monthly spend becomes part of operational expenditure rather than capital expenditure, so it’s easier to predict your budget on a monthly basis for developing and maintaining your CRM system.

Who is it for?

Rocket Launch Sales is for companies that want to start with a simple CRM system that has the ability to scale up over a period of time. It's for companies that need something easy to use yet powerful enough to be used to be trusted by the whole organisation.

Rocket CRM have designed the Rocket Launch Sales solution with user adoption in mind. We've based our whole business on making CRM simple for users, and that is exactly what we have done with Rocket Launch Sales. We know that Sales people are historically not the most eager CRM users but we have found that if you give them something "lite" and easy to use and it can also provide them with some benefits, then they are usually open for conversion. When we show sales people how easy it is to manage their pipeline and activities they typically just want to get started.

Integrates with the tools you already use

Microsoft Outlook

  • Track emails with ease.
  • Create new records from within Outlook.
  • View your pipeline and edit your opportunities from inside outlook.

Microsoft Word

  • Create easy to use Word templates for letters, proposals or quotes.

Microsoft Excel

  • Import data from spreadsheets.
  • Create Excel templates for data analysis.
  • Connect Excel to Rocket Launch Sales for reporting
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How do I use my Consultancy hours?

During the kick off meeting, we will work with you to create a list of CRM requirements and "nice to haves". Then we will help you to prioritise your list. We often call this list a "Backlog".

The Backlog will contain the item name, a description and an estimated amount of time that is required to carry it out. As part of your Rocket Launch contract, you'll have access to a portal, where you can manage your Backlog whenever you want to.

You may decide to move some items up the priority list and and execute them sooner whereas some may drop down or even off the list entirely. The purpose is to have a list where the next most important things will be at the top and you'll be able to use the backlog to estimate the hours required to carry out enhancements.

During catch up calls we can chat with you about what thing you'd like to tackle next. Some examples might be to create sales goals for your team or to set up integration with LinkedIn, a finance system or even enhanced sales scenarios such as setting up product catalogues and multi-currency pricing. You might decide to set up new dashboards or add new processes to CRM such as customer service. Essentially the Backlog will be driven by your business needs as they grow over time.

Some more examples of how you might use your monthly hours are listed below:

Monthly Managed Service hours

What's the set up process look like?

We'll start by sending you sign up form and a direct debit mandate then the next thing we will do after the sign up is to send an intro pack which will contain some simple templates for you to copy your data into and a couple of links to videos to further explain the process.  We will also give you access to the training content and arrange a kick off meeting.

Remember: the on-boarding is completely free and will not come out of your monthly consultancy hours

During the kick off meeting we will:

  • Review your data before importing.
  • Discuss and agree on any custom fields you want to create.
  • Finalise the license numbers (although you can change this at any time).
  • Give you a portal login where you can track your enhancements as they progress.
  • Answer any further questions you may have.
  • Schedule your first monthly catch up call.

Following the kick off meeting we will:

  • Set up your CRM System (if you have an IT company / department we may have to liaise with them first).
  • Provision the licenses you need.
  • Import your accounts and contacts.
  • Add the custom fields specified in the kick off meeting.
  • Set up Microsoft Outlook integration for your users.

After Go-live we will:

  • We will provide you with free technical support.
  • You will have access to free training materials, but you can always consume some consultancy hours if you want to carry out further, more in depth training.
  • Together we'll maintain your backlog in a prioritised order and start to pick items to work on in order to make your CRM work for you.
  • Your CRM will become more embedded within your organisation and will deliver ever increasing value.

I'm interested...what do I do next?

Use the button below to contact us and let us know that you want to discuss  Rocket Launch Sales. We'll get straight back to you to arrange to have a chat with you so that we can ensure that Rocket Launch Sales is the best path for you. Then we can guide you on the next steps.

Rocket CRM is a small, high quality CRM practice. We have a very friendly team and have helped many organisations of all sizes to get up and running with CRM.