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The RBR Group

"Extremely efficient and painless project roll out from start to completion, Rocket CRM got to grips with our quite complex business model and processes quickly. The project was delivered in an agile manner, allowing the design and build to be tweaked to deliver a first class and productive model that can be scaled going forward as we move to future phases. As the Project Manager, I'm very happy with the outcome and my users are as well."

Shaun Best

CRM Manager

Migration to Dynamics 365 in the Microsoft Cloud
Integration between Dynamics 365 and finance system
Simplification of processes following a no/low code approach
Improved Dynamics 365 and travel booking system integration
Increased user adoption with improved UI & mobile apps


The RBR Group is a group of leisure based companies comprising of Bailey Robinson, Ian Coley Sporting, Real Holidays, Roxtons Fishing and Roxtons Shooting. The company has evolved over 25 years offering tailor-made luxury holidays and the best in field sports experiences.

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Project summary

RBR Group contacted Rocket CRM with a request to help migrate them to Dynamics 365 in the Microsoft cloud as they were partner hosted and restricted to an older version of Dynamics CRM. RBR Group also wanted to re-engineer their existing integration with the travel booking system as there were ongoing issues. Rocket CRM worked with RBR Group helping to standardise their processes within Dynamics 365 and identify the key data required for the migration.

The integration with travel booking system was also rebuilt in a robust fashion eliminating the ongoing issues that existed prior to the move to Dynamics 365. The travel booking system integration allowed statistical information to flow back into Dynamics 365 so that the full range of reporting capabilities could be utilised. Integration with the finance system was added as a second phase to enhance the end to end solution.

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Why Rocket CRM?

When we decided to move our CRM into the cloud our main objective was to find a provider who would be a ‘true partner’ for the foreseeable future, someone who could recognise & help with our long-term goals for CRM across a diverse business, not just ‘deliver a project’.
We chose Rocket CRM because they genuinely took an interest in both understanding our (quite disparate) companies & cultures yet weren’t afraid to question our processes or offer suggestions for improving them through the use of newer functionality and 3rd party add-ons.
It also helps that both Kyle & Iain are both very open & amicable; never ‘too busy’ when I have issues or just need to bounce ideas off when I have a problem.
I can’t recommend Rocket CRM highly enough if you are looking for a Dynamics 365 partner.

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