Rocket CRM launch podcast to help businesses and charities improve their CRM and data knowledge.

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Rocket CRM launch podcast show to share their knowledge far and wide and help businesses and charities grow.

RocketPod is the CRM podcast for business professionals looking to improve the way they use CRM and data in the workplace. Whether you’re a small business owner, team leader, marketers, saleperson or working as part of a CRM project team, a CRM newbie or a seasoned pro, the Rocket CRM team offer sound advice delivered in a simple, easy to follow format.



Why it was launched

CRM software is now a very necessary component for most businesses and charities in today’s digitally fueled world. And it is an especially importnat tool for those hungry to grow and succeed, but this doesn’t mean that everyone involved in selecting, managing or using CRM software is tech-savvy


In fact, 80% of B2B marketers say that learning or using new marketing technology is their least favourite thing about their job.

And sadly, being an ace marketer, salesperson or business owner, for that matter, doesn’t qualify you as a CRM whizz. There are exceptions to the rule of course, but for most non-techie folks, getting to grips with software can seem daunting, dare I even say it, boring! So whether we’re a one-person marketing team, a head of sales or a business owner trying to wear all hats, there’s enough to juggle without spending precious time scouring the internet to swat up on CRM and data so that you look informed and knowledgeable when the time counts.

If this sounds familiar, having a source of information that explains things simply and breaks down complex techie matters will instantly put you in the driving seat and boost your confidence in that area. The more confident you are, the more spurred on you become, and this positive focus and energy will make good things happen. You’ll be a CRM authority in your business in no time, by sourcing and absorbing quality advice.


The podcast that helps you beef up your CRM knowledge

And this is why the RocketPod podcast was born. Its mission is to share CRM and data advice to those that need it, in an easy-to-digest fashion. Podcasts, by nature, can be listened to on the go – whilst you work, or whilst you are working out, for that matter! 

And, as it was created by small business owners ( who happen to be CRM experts) and marketers, it’s aimed at other business owners, marketers, and salespeople! Or basically, anyone interested in pumping their brain full of good CRM info.

The newly created podcast blasts off this summer, and in each episode, the trio delves into the world of CRM to break down and share key information in their unique way.


Topics covered

Rocketpod kicks things off with the CRM basics in episode 1, and in a couple of weeks, we will move on to software implementation spread across episodes 2 and 3. Following that, we’ll go on to look at the broader topic of digital transformation and the role of CRM.

Future topics include:

  • Planning for data migration
  • Data management best practices
  • The importance of good marketing automation software. Plus, so much more.

RocketPod is the podcast channel for those serious about growing their business and succeeding with their customer data.

Listen to Iain WicksKyle McKie and Natalie Silva from the Rocket CRM team as they dish out spot-on CRM advice, which is jam-packed with guests, real-life scenarios and practical tips. 

A newbie or a seasoned pro, wherever you’d place yourself, this podcast can help you power up your knowledge, and as you’ll find out, CRM doesn’t need to be complex and understanding how to use it to grow your business shouldn’t be painful.

Where to tune in

Hosted on Achor, you can find RocketPodUK on most major podcast platforms:


Apple Podcasts

Google Podcasts

Amazon Music





Rocket CRM is a Microsoft Dynamics 365, and a platinum ClickDimensions accredited partner, helping small to medium-sized businesses and charities harness the power of scalable CRM technology. Our mission is to make powerful CRM software simple with custom-built, user-focused solutions.


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