Rocket CRM team spotlight – Dirk Cuthbertson

Meet the team - Dirk Cuthbertson. Male character next to wheelbarrow holding muddy boots and sale FC badge.

Our team is made up of some wonderfully talented folks, and we’d like to introduce you to one of them – Meet Rocket CRM Dynamics 365 and ClickDimensions Consultant Dirk Cuthbertson.

Dirk lives in Sale, just outside of Manchester, but hails from the Highlands of Scotland.
Dirk was a bit of a computer geek when he was a kid. Ask him about how to get a tune out of a ZX81! He studied Geology (and Computing Science) at university before starting his career as a Geologist, usually with a computer in hand.


He also spent a little time on the rigs in the North Sea, and according to Dirk, the oil industry did have its ups and downs, and so when one hit, Dirk dusted off his backpack; during an eventful couple of years, he had a fight with a wallaby (apparently it was trying to steal his lunch), played tennis with the King of Sumba (he lost), narrowly avoided pirates in the Solomon Sea, and spent a season as a “chalet maid” in the French Alps.

In his own words once he finally stopped messing around, Dirk went back into the oil industry as a Scout and Product Owner and discovered that the salespeople get to do all the travelling. Dirk’s roles later evolved, and he was in various Operations Manager and Sales & Marketing Manager roles for some niche geological service companies.


In 2011 Dirk discovered Salesforce (booo!), and then in 2015, Microsoft Dynamics 365 (hurrah!), and he’s never looked back (“…although record type tied to form selection is still a much better way of doing it…”). Customising and administering CRM gradually became a bigger and bigger part of his role, so in early 2020 he decided to make a move to full-time CRM Administrator and spread his wings beyond the oil industry. Not the best timing but ultimately, only a short delay to the grand plan; thank goodness for working from home – and this time with ClickDimensions in his armoury. In 2021, Dirk joined Rocket CRM as a Dynamics 365 consultant.


Dirk has worked as a salesperson and in marketing roles with a number of companies, so when it comes to getting the most out of a CRM system, he describes himself as a “poacher turned gamekeeper” – he knows what the client is trying to achieve because he’s been there, and knows all the tricks the users will try.


When he’s not CRMing, Dirk spends time on his allotment fattening up the local slugs and snails, walking in the lumpier bits of the northwest of England and watching his local rugby union team, Sale FC.

You can connect with Dirk on LinkedIn: Dirk Cuthbertson


We’re always on the look out for talented CRM and data folks. If you think you’d like to be part of our crew, contact us.

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