Rocket CRM grows team with Dynamics 365 consultant appointment

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Rocket CRM, marks further business growth with another Dynamics 365 consultant appointment.

Francesca Sutton, an experienced Dynamics 365 consultant, joins Rocket CRM to help us serve our growing client base. With a strong background in data and CRM software, including Microsoft Dynamics 365, Francesca will be a valuable addition to the now six-strong team.

Francesca previously worked as CRM Data Manager at Chatham House (Royal Institute of International Affairs) for almost five years. She was involved in migrating data and setting up a new membership CRM to manage renewals, events, donations, subscriptions, grants, projects and marketing.

Prior to that, she held a position at Breast Cancer Care (now called Breast Cancer Now), managing data. During that time, Fran and her mum ran the vitality 10k in aid of the charity.

Outside of work, Fran is quite the sportswoman and has a passion for hockey, having played since she was a teen and regularly plays in the mid-table London Leagues during the winter months.

In the summer, she downs her hockey stick in favour of a cricket bat but admits after two years of playing, she still can’t bowl but is now quite handy with the bat.

Fran also loves board games, her favourite being ‘Who Goes there?’ based on the classic sci-fi novella by John Campbell Jr. Other favoured games include Battle Wizards, Horrified, and Uno.

It’s lovely to hear that our new team member is also a regular blood donor and has totted up 15 donations to date. She likes to spread the word to encourage more people to donate, as in her words, ‘You never know when you’ll need some back.

Some eagle-eyed folks may have wondered who the new face in our Christmas post was. Yep, that was Francesca. We invited her along to get to know the team before starting in January, and needless to say, she fitted right in.

You can connect with Francesca on LinkedIn.

Rocket CRM was launched in 2017 to help SMEs get the most from Dynamics 365 and Power Apps technology by building, launching and managing powerful CRM solutions. And our small but mighty CRM consultancy has gone from strength, forging a reputation for going the extra mile and delivering quality CRM services for its varied customer base.


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