Choosing the best CRM for your business

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We’ve seen countless times how businesses can be transformed through the power of modern CRM technology, and we want those who are going for growth after such a challenging time, to know about it. So, if you’re embarking on a CRM project as part of a wider digital transformation, you’re definitely not alone, as businesses everywhere are taking a good long hard look at their existing systems and processes and asking, “How can we do this better?”.

We believe that this switch to a ‘digital first’ mindset is key to post-pandemic growth and success. Not only that, but such a switch is not as daunting as some may believe. At Rocket CRM, we help businesses embrace incredible tech with as little pain as possible, and we can’t stress enough that a modern and powerful CRM can be one of the best steps on your digital transformation journey that doesn’t need to be stressful if done right. 

In the spirit of giving advice and sharing knowledge, we’re offering tips on what you should be looking at and the questions you should be asking if you are in search of a better CRM solution.  

Times are changing  

For traditional business owners, there comes a time when mountains of spreadsheets and scribbled post-it notes are no longer an option. Even for those who have embraced technology, IT is constantly changing, and it is hard to stay competitive with outdated and clunky systems. In this whirlwind of digital transformation, it can seem impossible to keep up when you have an inefficient B2B CRM holding you back. Like walking through treacle, so we hear!   

Laborious systems make simple tasks difficult, lack of integration with other platforms means haphazard customer support and poor data, which leads to patchy sales and marketing. If this pain sounds familiar, it’s time to review your CRM.  So, how do you go about choosing the best CRM when there’s so much choice? 

What does CRM stand for?  

 CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, which tells you everything. It’s designed to improve the way you interact with your customers using software that integrates customer, client, and sales databases, collating and reporting data and insights. Modern and powerful CRM systems are built in the cloud, which itself offers numerous benefits. Cloud-hosted CRM is safe, flexible, scalable, and cost-effective. The best CRM software allows you to track tasks and follow-ups, schedule appointments, forecast sales and identify opportunities. Modern CRMs create targeted marketing emails with real impact and take your communications one step further with powerful marketing automation. In short, it brings all your actions together to boost your bottom line and grow your business. Incorporating not just sales, but marketing and customer service too.  

Shopping for the best CRM  

It’s time for a change. It’s time to futureproof.  

Chosing the best CRMA new system is a costly investment, so getting it right is essential. Hence, the time you’ve taken to research this subject thoroughly! But which is the best game in town? If you’ve done a little research, you will have heard of HubSpot, or Zoho. These are all great off-the-shelf solutions but there are other options too. We’d love to tell you about Microsoft Dynamics 365 and why it’s a fantastic option for growing and ambitious SMBs. But, for now, we’ll help you figure out what you need, so you select the right CRM platform for your business.  

Choosing a good CRM system is no easy task. There’s so much choice out there. Microsoft Dynamics 365 covers all bases but to work out what’s best for you, start by asking yourself some questions:  

  • What are the most inefficient processes in our business and what do we want to improve with a CRM system?  
  • What kind of customer data do we want to store?  
  • How do we want to use the data?  
  • What reporting requirements do we have?  
  • What processes should be built around the system?  
  • Do we need integration with Google or Microsoft?  


Top tips for choosing the best CRM for your business

Easy does it  

Choosing the best CRM

The simpler the better when it comes to CRM. You’re a busy person and so are your people, so you’re going to need something light touch. Choose a hassle-free managed solution that doesn’t bog you down and ensure you are offered support before, during and after implementation. A CRM should be intuitive and custom-built, with the user’s needs at its core. It needs to powerful and flexible, moulding to the exact needs of your business. Simplicity is key but never compromise on power.  

CRM Reporting  

Running a business is a team sport. Find out what your sales and marketing teams need from a CRM and ask them to give you a wish list. Find out where your reporting holes are and how much detail you need to make smarter business decisions. The best reporting offers macro and micro detail, allowing you and your managers to make strategic and tactical decisions easily, with unparalleled adaptability.  

People and systems, working together  

When everything works together, it works better. Choose a CRM that integrates with your existing systems and platforms, bringing data together in one place. It’s a game-changer, driving efficiency, productivity and turbo-charging your sales and marketing. The benefits only realised once you start to experience it for yourself.  

Look to the future  

Choosing rhe best CRMYou’ve outgrown your CRM and you know it’s going to be costly to invest in a new one. You know you need to get this right. Futureproof your business and reduce this risk with a system that can grow as you do. You may opt for a simple sales CRM, to begin with, but as things take off, you can easily build on this, with additional features. The absolute best CRMs offer smart marketing automation tools that attract, nurture, and convert leads, as well as other add-on features that enhance your lead generation and survive the passage of time.  

Input from the frontline  

When choosing a CRM, get feedback from those who will be using it every day. The people in your business who interact with customers will tell you the inefficiencies and pain points of the current system. Listen to their creative solutions and empower them by allowing them to play a role in the selection process. They will be the ones who will deliver meaningful growth and they will benefit from increased pipeline visibility and accountability. Also, the more involved they are earlier on, the higher the likelihood of good user adoption later.  

In for a penny  

A new CRM is a sizable investment and getting it wrong can be a costly mistake. Beware of false economies that come with the temptation of choosing a solution that works ‘for now’ – if the solution isn’t scalable it may end up costing more in the long term, not only financially but also in terms of manpower and time. Off-the-shelf systems often do the job, are quick to launch and are user friendly. Just be confident that they stand the test of time as your business expands.  

Speak to people  

When you know what you need from a CRM, start looking around, speak to providers and ask to see demos. It’s a smart move to talk to other businesses and ask for frank reviews of off-the-shelf and custom-built options.  


In summary  

The key takeaways here are simplicity, team input, integration, futureproofing, and research. If you wish to speak to us for honest advice on choosing the best CRM for your business, just email or call. We’re in our element advising and supporting businesses with CRM problems and happily give out advice.   

How Rocket CRM can help  

We are passionate about helping businesses grow with our CRM of choice, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Apps, which offer excellent user experience, as well as seamless integration with Microsoft Office, Teams and other third-party apps.  

Our founders have a combined 30 years of CRM experience in the SME sector – they really know their stuff. We help our clients with project management, CRM training and process mapping, business analysis, data migrations, system integrations and all other CRM support. Essentially, we make powerful CRM simple.  

Supporting your business to grow is at the heart of what we do, and we take enormous pride in seeing our clients succeed. We will hold your hand from the start of the implementation process until you’re completely ready to fly solo. Always at the end of a phone or email for questions and we will parachute in our A-Team at the first pesky niggle. 

 Transform and grow your business with a CRM that works. Contact us to get started with Microsoft Dynamics 365 


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