Migrating your data into Dynamics 365

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Most CRM implementations require an element of data migration. Here at Rocket CRM, we offer migration services from Sugar CRM, GoldMine, Maximiser, ACT!, Netsuite, SalesForce.com, Microsoft Access databases, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and the on-premise version of Microsoft Dynamics to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Getting your data migration right is critical to user adoption and project success. As part of Rocket CRM’s migration service, we help you identify your data sources, help you assess the quality of your data and provide you with best practice advice on the data migration path to take. Our migration process includes trial migrations. How many, depends on the needs and complexities of your migration. Trial migrations help us with a number of things: they de-risk your migration, they confirm to you that we have mapped your data correctly, and they provide a snapshot of what your data will look like when the live migration is completed.

We believe that the more trial migrations and testing that are done, the more likely issues are to be ironed out in advance of the live migration. We understand that poor data due to a badly planned migration is not the best start to life with your new Microsoft Dynamics 365 system.

We’ve laid out our steps to ensure you have quality data in your new CRM in “7 steps to better quality data in your new Dynamics 365 system“.

Give it a read as it provides some good pointers on what to think about when you’re trying to migrate your data.

We’ve often had to migrate data for sources that we’ve never used before or are bespoke to your organisation. Our process for those data sources is the same as the ones we’ve listed above. If you’re not sure about whether your data can be taken over to Dynamics 365, give us a call. We can also provide templates to make the migration process faster if you don’t want to take the data directly from your existing systems.


Need more support with Migrating your data? Give us a call and take advantage of our 30 minute free consultation call so we can talk to you about your migration to Dynamics 365.




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