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Dynamics 365 LICENSING

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Apps licensing is based on a flexible and cost-effective pricing model, which adds to the appeal of Dynamics 365 as a CRM solution. We answer the most regularly asked questions relating to licensing here.

What licenses are required for Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 operates a user subscription model where users must purchase a subscription license for either themselves, or their device, or in some instances, licenses can also be purchased for teams or organisations.

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Is Dynamics 365 licensing expensive?

Dynamics 365 licensing is very flexible, offering users the opportunity to mix and match different licenses to meet their exact needs, this cost-efficient user subscription model means businesses aren’t paying for modules or features they don’t need.

A good Dynamics 365 partner will be able to ensure you get the best value from your licenses.

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Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide from Microsoft June 2022

How much does a Dynamics 365 license cost?

The actual price of your license will depend on several different factors, so it's difficult to quote a flat price without understanding more about your business and unique requirements.

Currently ( June 2022), Sale Professional licensing and Customer Service Profesional starts from £15.10 per user/ per month for small and medium-sized businesses.

However, it can often be more cost-effective for SMBs to go with simplistic CRM solutions using Power Apps which have the added benefit of lower licensing costs which begin from £7.50 per user/ per month for access to one app.

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Can you get Microsoft Dynamics 365 for free?

No, to access Dynamics 365 permanently you will need to purchase licenses from Microsoft or via your Dynamics 365 partner. However, Microsoft does offer a 30 day free trial for Dynamics 365 Sales. Find out more here.

Can charities get discounts on Dynamics 36 licensing?

Yes, and furthermore these discounts are very substantial at up to 60% discounts on Dynamics 365 Licensing for not-for-profits.

Any charity that is registered in England and also registered with the Charity Commission is eligible for this discount.

Charities in Scotland need to be registered with Scottish Charity Regulator and Northern Island based charities need to be registered with the Northern Ireland Charity Commission.

Speak to us to find out how we've helped other charities save money on their Dynamics 365 licensing and grow their fundraising.

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