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Marketing automation software

Yes, in fact, it goes one step further in that it is natively built for Dynamics 365. ‘What do you mean by natively built?’ we hear you say. This simply means that it is built inside the Dynamics 365 ecosystem, which offers a number of advantages for marketers and businesses as a whole. Firstly, no-sync integration means that no data is lost – at all. Meaning powerful and unified data insights across sales and marketing is very possible. And businesses can leverage this for more effective and impactful marketing communications. Other benefits of being natively built are that implementation is super quick, and business can be up and running with ClickDimensions within a matter of days. Read more about the benefits of ClickDimensions.
Marketing automation is the use of technology, skills and tools to manage marketing processes and multichannel campaigns by automating actions and communications and tailoring these communications to the audience’s exact needs. This hyper-personalised approach helps nurture and convert leads and strengthen existing customer relationships. Marketing automation activity can include email marketing, surveys, lead magnets and social media automation. There are countless marketing automation software solutions on the market, but when it comes to users of Dynamics 365, we feel ClickDimensions offers the best-in-class software with powerful analytics and expert support. Learn more about marketing automation and how it could benefit your business or charity.  
It is fair to say that for many marketers, both HubSpot and Mailchimp are front of mind when thinking of marketing automation and email marketing solutions. Both products have their merits for several reasons. In fact, they are favoured by many start-ups and SMBs thanks to their easy-to-use interface, fast implementation and integration capabilities. However, when it comes to the needs of Dynamics 365 users, ClickDimensions wins time and time again and is the ‘no-brainer’ option for SMBs that are going for growth. And those who don’t wish to be held back and want to be able to control costs and benefit from seamless no-sync integration. Overall, we believe ClickDimensions offers Dynamics 365 users unrivalled marketing automation capability; it is fast to implement, flexible, lower cost and highly scalable. Read our ClickDimensions versus Hubspot article.
ClickDimensions is a marketing automation solution built specifically for Dynamics 365 users, designed by marketers for marketers, the marketing software offers powerful data analytics that unifies and analyzes marketing, sales and customer data. In addition to intuitively built software, they also offer expert marketing support and with in-depth knowledge of Dynamics 365 customers can also be assured of swift action with technical issues.