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Data migration

The process of migrating your data can be broken down into the following broad steps: 1) Organizing your data, identifying what is critical, what needs cleansing and what can be deleted. 2) Understanding and comparing your existing CRM to your new software. 3) Preparing the data ready for the new CRM system. 4) Back up your data; should errors occur, you won’t risk losing your company data, which is highly valuable. 5) Preparing and customising the new CRM ready for migration. 6) Use a migration script tool to adapt the data from the old database to the new one. 7) Test the migration by sending smaller pieces of data. Read more on the data migration process.
Yes, we offer it alongside other CRM data migration support as part of implementation and management services. It is often a necessary part of a CRM project, as you will need to move your data into your new CRM system. Find out more about Rocket CRM’s implementation services.
Data migration involves moving data from one IT or CRM system to another. With CRM systems, data migration is undertaken when implementing a new CRM system or setting up a first CRM. Other reasons for migrating your data include moving from an on-premises server to a cloud-based server or consolidating the data centre. Discover more about CRM implementation.