How we keep powerful CRM technology simple

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It is human nature to create order from chaos and no one likes complexity when trying to run a business efficiently and profitably. So, when it comes to tackling CRM projects, sense says, solutions that allow us to create simplicity and order from something complex or in danger of becoming disordered is a smart move.  And, let’s be frank, embarking on a CRM and data journey is no mean feat. 

The CRM challenge for SMEs 

Regardless of whether you’re an MD, marketer, sales head or other business head tackling a CRM project, things can quickly become complicated on a macro and micro level. It is easy to get bogged down in detail, go down rabbit holes and allow projects to spiral off into unwanted trajectories. Rein that baby in! Factor in tech-speak, processes and project management lingo and even the most CRM savvy of us can feel out of our comfort zone at times. Ultimately, navigating the world of CRM from scratch is a big deal and a BIG project, that should never be underestimated.   

This is one of many reasons why many smaller businesses, who have found themselves outgrowing their current CRM solution, ( It could be an archaic customer data log or perhaps even a spreadsheet – don’t worry, you’re not alone.) switch to their very own bespoke system built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Apps platform instead.   

Outsourcing to a CRM partner 

Handing the reins of the project to a dedicated specialist instantly alleviates unnecessary burdens, saving time, money and resources in the long run. As well as your sanity in many cases. Now, we’re not saying it’s as easy as handing over full responsibility to the CRM partner, as in fact, the most successful CRM projects involve collaboration and strong communication between client and partner. With project leads and sponsors maintaining a healthy level of involvement. However, the guidance, skill and support of the partner will make your project so much more manageable, painless and efficient. And this requires proficiency, experience and the ability to keep things simple.  

It just so happens that we are rather good at this. We pride ourselves on our methodical manner. When we talk about keeping CRM simple, we refer to our approach, not to the capabilities of the software. We repeat, simple CRM does not mean simplistic features and capabilities. Let us explain further…  

How we make CRM simple  

We break things down

CRM and data projects can be beasts when you’re standing at the starting point, with little to no previous experience of managing a similar sized project.  So, we explain everything from your CRM options, the wider market, to how we approach project management and managed services, practically and simply from the get-go. Topline info only at this stage and if you need or want more detail, we can give it. Too much info at any stage can kill engagement and we know that the best projects run smoothly when engagement and collaboration are flowing.

We will continue to break things down, apply robust project management methodology throughout, explaining what is happening when and why. No room for misinterpretation, just clear, concise explanations and timelines.  We promise to keep the geeky lingo to a minimum!

We cut out the jargon  

As I’ve just alluded to, unfortunately, the IT and tech world is full of jargon, in fact, all business areas come with their unique jargony dialogue. And this is when knowing your audience is vital. If we were speaking to other techs and Microsoft Dynamics experts, we can go full-geek. But, for our lovely clients, that isn’t necessary nor wanted.  Albert Einstein was quoted as saying “If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.” And this is so true. CRM and data knowledge is a requirement, but clear communication is the game-changer. So, we keep jargon to a minimum and where it is required, we will always explain the terminology.  

We give good guidance

We pride ourselves on giving good guidance. It doesn’t make business sense for us to give bad advice simply to secure a deal. We do business the right way, every time. And it is this approach that has contributed to our continuing success, as much of our business comes through referral.  

Making sense of complexity 

Project management and business processes are a minefield of complexity. Often, it is the fresh set of eyes upon your business that can help you make sense of your processes which can be sometimes a little overbaked, which you don’t see when you’re in it. Take a step back and approach things from a fresh angle and you’ll wonder why you ever did things the way you did. We are experts at making the complex simple, not just in terms of helping businesses be more efficient and effective but also in the approach to building the CRM system. We never want to bake unnecessary complexity into a client’s CRM if it’s not required. Often, the CRM project is an opportunity to challenge your processes and ways of doing business, resulting in a more efficient business as a result.  

Placing the user at the heart of the build  

A CRM system is only as good as the data input. Therefore, user adoption is top of the list when we’re building a CRM. The system has to be intuitive, simple to navigate with seamlessly integrated features that make day-to-day work efficient and a breeze for your employees. You’re always going to experience resistance to change, so this change needs to be managed well and the stakeholders buy into this new way of doing things.  

To deliver a perfect fit system, we listen to our clients and ensure we fully understand their processes, wider business requirements and strategic vision before we set about the task of design and build. Not only that, but we continue to support you with bespoke training so that all of your users hit the ground running from day one. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and friendly support. Nothing is ever too much trouble, and no question is a silly question.  

Keeping CRM simple does not mean compromising power or sophistication  

Though there are many basic and simple off-the-shelf solutions abundantly available, that is not the type of product we sell. Though we can create a basic sales CRM if that is what is required, which is quick to set up and offers a low-cost solution for micro-businesses.   

Our CRM solutions are built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Apps platform which means the systems we build for our clients are jampacked full of powerful features. The benefit to our clients is a unified data management system that seamlessly integrates with additional modules and applications.  And the flexibility of the platform means scalability is not an issue.  New features required? Not a problem? Add customer service or marketing to your standard sales CRM. Growing team? Again, easily sorted.   

Plus, as well as integrating with other Dynamics 365 software such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, it also integrates seamlessly with Outlook, Office, Teams and much more.  Everything is ‘under one roof’ as it were. 

Simple and easy does it

So, in summary, we take really smart sophisticated technology. Configure it to mould perfectly to your business needs, in a no-fuss, no waffle kinda way. Al the time, stripping out complexity and keeping our approach simplistic so that your CRM project is as painless as possible. 

If that sounds like your kind of thing drop us a line.  

Rocket CRM are a fast-growing Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Paltinum ClickDimensions partner. Famed for ‘going the extra mile’ and ‘keeping things simple’. 

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