10 Microsoft Dynamics 365 CX features that will transform your business (Part 1)

Dynamics 365 CX features

If you’re new to Dynamics 365, you may be surprised by a whole host of powerful features that can help you transform your  CX (customer experience). It’s worth getting clued up on them.

We hear you …
“We’ve done digital transformation”….
“We’ve updated our privacy statements for GDPR”….
“We’ve disrupted until we end up being the norm again”….

The next big thing – CX

Refreshingly, the next big thing in business seems to be paradoxically looking back to old school values and is based around something that never gets old. Have you ever heard of the term “CX”? This is the latest term to describe Customer Experience. Customer experience is predicted by experts to be the new “Game-Changer”

In this two-part article, we take a look at how to leverage 10 features of the many simple and out of the box Microsoft Dynamics 365 CX features to transform your customer experience strategy.

Every day we encounter all kinds of experience as customers ourselves, some are good and some are bad. Most fall somewhere along the spectrum. As a B2B business, customer experience can be a differentiator. In fact, some companies aim to make a good customer experience one of the core values of their business. But how do we make sure that as a business we can deliver the best possible customer experience?

Most organisations assume that they are giving customers what they want, but very often the reality is different. Research by Bain & Company has shown that 80% of CEO’s believe that they offer a “superior experience” to their customers*. The same research has also shown that only 8% of their customers agreed with them. This is quite a staggering gap in perception and shows the disconnect between companies and customers.


Create Long Term Customers

Creating long term customers is about building trust based on good experiences. Using a CRM system like Microsoft Dynamics 365 effectively, business owners can start to create a sense of trust by providing their whole team with a full 360-degree view of a customer record.

Imagine a scenario where you call your B2B service provider and the first person who picks up the call has full access to all the information on your record, they can see all the previous calls and communications and are able to make useful suggestions to you to help you on your way. Then they even follow up on you a couple of days later to see if you are happy!

The small number of companies that are really achieving at delivering superior customer experiences are set apart because that 8% of companies all have a simple but powerful mindset of treating their most consistent and profitable customers in a manner that ensure the customer will want to come back again. These businesses know what’s important to their clients, they are fully aware of the customers’ current issues at all times and furthermore, they don’t try to rip their eyes out whenever there is a chance to do a deal. That’s how to create a long-term customer relationship.

10 Microsoft Dynamics 365 CX features you’ll want to know about.

1. Flexible licensing plan

The introduction of the “Team Member” and Power Apps licensing means that for a nominal cost you can afford to give everyone on the team access to Dynamics 365.

If you need to restrict certain data to these individuals you can also do that through security roles. This low cost flexible licensing means that licensing cost no longer needs to be a hurdle to providing a first-class customer experience to your clients.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CX features




2. A simple to use interface

The new user interface, known as the Unified User Interface (UUI), that has been introduced for version 9 of Dynamics 365 is a joy to work with. Gone are the extraneous white spaces and it’s easy to see that a lot of work has gone into the design and layout of the form. The clean intuitive layout means that information can be found and updated quickly when on the phone to a customer. Our Rocket CRM customers are loving the new interface as it’s so easy to find your way around.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CX features

In addition to the new user interface Dynamics also offers Customer portals that provide a simple and intuitive interface for your customers too. So that your clients can manage their own preferences and log and update cases if they want to.


3. Easily Track Customer Service Cases and Sales Opportunities

Dynamics 365 has always had the ability to track and show multiple elements of a customer record on one form but that feature has now got even better. The simple design means that users can add, edit and view contacts, customer service cases and sales opportunities without having to scroll the screen. There is even the ability to pin favourites in order to keep a closer eye on them.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CX features



4. The ability to create custom entities

As a business owner, you may want to track information that doesn’t really fit into the standard entities, such as an insurance company wanting to use Dynamics 365 to track claims or a fire safety equipment provider wanting to track assets and service schedules.

The good news is that Dynamics 365 allows the creation of custom entities to track this kind of information. With the help of a Microsoft Dynamics partner to create the right data model, you can track all the key information for your business in one place.


5. Timeline of communications

Tracking communications is not a new thing for Dynamics 365 but now it’s been made easier than ever. Previously users had to search several tabs and perform a lot of scrolling to find information.

With the new interface, users have access to all previous calls, emails, appointments on one simple timeline that can be filtered and sorted in whichever way you want.

Find out more about Dynamics 365 Customer Service features.


To be Continued…

Customer experience should be a fundamental consideration to the future plans of any business.
In the second part of the article, we look at the role of embedded intelligence as well as integration with other systems as part of your CX strategy. Read the second article, in this two-part series that looks at Dynamics 365 CX features that will transform your business.

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