How membership groups can benefit from CRM sofware

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Membership organisations, whether professional associations and clubs, trade associations, voluntary associations, clubs, charities and churches, all have one thing in common – they all need a “member database”.


Some membership organisations are large, with millions of members, and some may only have a few hundred members. But all are suffering from the same common problems. Membership Organisations want to deliver a truly engaging experience for their customers but feel bogged down by membership administration tasks such as renewals, reconciliation and reporting. Organisations want to deliver membership value, but they also need to be able to demonstrate that value to members.


Almost all membership organisations could do a much better job of engaging with their members if they could trust the data and relieve some of the burdens of having to carry out repetitive manual tasks. Even while there is a genuine desire to create a “member first” approach within membership organisations, focusing on long-term engagement with members rather than short-term acquisition, it is often difficult to achieve because staff feel they are tied up doing manual, repetitive jobs.


Implementing a good CRM will increase staff efficiency by making cumbersome processes more streamlined, freeing up team members to create and deliver more value to the members.



A membership CRM built on the Microsoft Power Platform

When the off-the-shelf membership CRM systems don’t give you what you need, build one that works precisely the way you want.


It’s easier than it first sounds, as with Microsoft Power Apps, much of the hard work has been done. The platform already comes pre-configured with entities for Accounts (Organisations) and Contacts. It comes with full integration to Office 365 as a standard feature so you can track your members’ emails. It can integrate with your SharePoint site for document management and countless other Microsoft products.


It works on full-fat PCs and laptops as well as on mobile devices with no special tweaking required.
From the get-go, you will have access to hundreds of connectors so that your Membership system can “talk” to hundreds of different systems via Microsoft Power Automate. We will help you design your membership modules to get what you want! On top of that, we will help you to move all of your data from your old database into your new CRM system and support you fully as you go live. Our customers love us because we take care of them.

Find out more about Power Apps and Microsoft Power Platform: Dynamics 365 and Power Apps explained


Membership CRM – features and pricing

We have built membership systems based on the Power Apps platform that includes all of the functionality listed below. Microsoft Power Apps licensing starts at £7.50 per user per month, a fraction of the cost of more traditional membership systems, so you can see why more and more organisations are turning to Power Apps for their business solutions.

If you have a membership requirement where the off-the-shelf products don’t cut it, speak to us to find out what we can do for your organisation.


Our approach to building and managing CRM solutions

At Rocket CRM, we work closely with our clients to determine what “value” means to them so that we can show them how to present that to the customer. For each customer, that value might be based on something different such as their engagement with newsletters and other web content, but for others, it may be based on the number of attended events or interactions.

Rocket CRM is a UK-based Microsoft Partner that has worked with many organisations to create unique applications that rapidly support clients’ business processes. We specialise in creating low code/ no code solutions that delight our customers. Our expertise is to pull together all the components you need for your unique situation and build a system that meets (and usually exceeds) your requirements.
As we get to know you, we will learn what is important to you and build your system according to your needs. Our approach is about building a relationship with you, learning what is important to your business and what works for you.

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