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At Rocket CRM, we like to think we are different. “In what way are you different?” I hear you ask (in my head!). We are different because we take a potentially complex system like Microsoft Dynamics 365 and we make it really simple for you and your users to understand and use.

After years of implementing CRM systems, we have found the rule of thumb is that the more complex the system becomes the less likely it is to be used. That’s why we even use the word “simple” in our tagline. When you engage with Rocket CRM, we will work with you to break your processes down into simple steps. We then work out the best way to implement those steps using Microsoft Dynamics 365 and present that back to you as a proof of concept CRM system. We will then work together to refine that CRM system into one that you and your users love to use, and that gives you all the benefits of a good CRM, such as a single point of truth, management reporting and process efficiencies. As well as gaining numerous other benefits that come from using a best in class CRM product like Dynamics 365, such as PowerBI, Voice of the customer, Social Engagement, excellent Outlook integration and mobile apps.

Projects are just as much about people

We will also advise you on managing the changes needed in your company to ensure Microsoft Dynamics 365 success. When companies implement a CRM system, they often forget about the people side of the project. Generally speaking, most partners don’t like to get involved in that side because there are no clear opportunities to make money. We view it differently, we think that if we can help you to guarantee success, then you will continue to work with us as your CRM evolves over the coming years. See our recent post on change management for some useful insights into this area.

Focus on Microsoft Dynamics 365 education

One of the things we focus on right from the start of the project, is training and knowledge transfer. Our aim is to make you a Microsoft Dynamics 365 expert by transferring skills to you all the way through a project. Right from the very beginning of your project, we deliver Dynamics familiarisation training. Following that, we give you access to a Dynamics 365 Organisation which allows you to develop your understanding of the product without fear of breaking anything.

We don’t make assumptions. We work with you to assess your starting point and we map out a plan of action to provide you and the team the required skills to confidently use Dynamics 365.

We take training and change management very seriously. We provide best practice advice on how to manage the user adoption of your CRM system.

A common issue for businesses new to Microsoft Dynamics 365, is that they are not clear on how things fit together. Dynamics 365 has familiar terms, such as Accounts, Leads, Opportunities, and Quotes, but the definition of what those terms mean in Dynamics 365 could be different to other products that users have had previous experience of. So, we find that a simple explanation of how these things fit together often helps with the first steps on the Dynamics 365 journey.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales entities simplified

The video below is a good example of how a basic explanation can help. It was created to help a customer’s project team to get over their first hurdle of “how does it all fit together?” This particular customer was going to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 for a sales team. After watching the video, the team had a unified understanding of how the sales entities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 work and agreed it was invaluable in their thought process for what they wanted to get out of their project. So we thought, why not share this with anyone else who is interested. If you find yourself at the beginning of a CRM project and need to explain the different sales entities to your stakeholders, then we hope you might find some value in the video too.

If you are thinking about implementing a CRM system, please give us a call or drop us an email. We are happy to have a chat with you. We don’t employ sales people so we promise you won’t get the hard sell treatment 😊
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