Why a GOOD CRM partner is worth their weight in gold

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Are you trying to decide between a custom-built or off-the-shelf CRM system for your business? If you go down the custom-built route, consider how a good CRM partner can help your business succeed, by implementing and managing your new CRM. 

If you choose a custom-built CRM, you’ll be hiring a CRM partner to manage and take the lead on this major project. As they will be doing all the heavy lifting, project management and will also be responsible for post-implementation support, you should be confident that they have what it takes to deliver a 5-star service. Here is why a good CRM partner or consultant is worth its weight in gold. 



1) Focused on your success


For a good CRM partner or any business consultant for that matter, a win for the client is a win for them. A quality CRM consultant is keen to deliver success, which reflects well on them. This means placing your needs at the centre of everything they do. When taking on a CRM specialist to build your new system, do your homework and look out for glowing recommendations. Keep an eye out for a highly valued, responsive and experienced CRM partner, who will take the stress of CRM implementation and management off your shoulders. 


2) Heavy lifting


You are paying them to lead your CRM project or manage your CRM services and to take on all the stress of technical, project management and other complex elements. This frees up your time to focus on your business and bridge the gap between your CRM consultant and your team, so you get strong buy-in. They also manage third-party applications, like marketing automation software, Dynamics 365 or data integration software, Scribe. A good CRM consultant will manage these relationships on your behalf. 


3) Level playing field 


Smaller businesses and owners of growing businesses often make the mistake of thinking that a custom-built CRM is too expensive and out of reach and believe they need in-house expertise. Custom-built CRM is now more accessible than ever. By hiring a partner, you get expert talent and skills for as long as you need in a cost-effective and impactful way. The software itself helps your business compete against larger businesses capable of more capital investment, giving you a fighting chance against bigger players.  


4) Cost efficiency


An added benefit is that a managed service solution from a consultant is a predictable cost, as part of your operational expenditure rather than capital expenditure. Not only that, but you are hiring specialist skills for a fraction of the cost and investment of an in-house CRM specialist. Often, this is delivered in one simple monthly fee. 


5) Banish worries by anticipating problems 

A good CRM partner brings years of experience in industry best practice. This combination of experience and skills means they are adept at anticipating and circumnavigating problems before they arise, reducing repair costs. What’s more, they work hard to get the best value from your license, ensuring you have access to everything you need without overspending. 

6)Reduce risk 


There are some risks associated with data management around GDPR, data security and disaster recovery. A good service partner and CRM partner takes on the risk on your behalf and offers sound advice on your internal processes and systems. Another overlooked area of risk is user adoption once your CRM has launched. This means that your employees may not adapt properly to the new system with disastrous effects on your business growth plans, wasting time and money. A good CRM consultant ensures high user adoption through training and support. So, don’t underestimate the importance of softer skills during your selection process. 

In summary, if you’re considering hiring a CRM partner to lead your CRM project, set the bar high. A good team of consultants will remove the pain points, reduce business risk and help you move smoothly towards your business growth goals.  


About Rocket CRM 


Rocket CRM is a fast-growing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner, on a mission to help small to medium-sized businesses grow through the power of Microsoft Dynamics and Power Apps technology. We believe that sophisticated and powerful technology doesn’t have to be daunting or scary and that no matter the size of your company you can benefit from the best-in-class CRM technology. 

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