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What is a Simple Sales CRM?

Rocket Launch Sales is a cost-effective and simple sales CRM solution if you are looking for an easy way to manage the pipeline in your business. The concept is to keep CRM simple, achieve users buy-in, have a robust solution that provides real-time insights and reporting for management.

What will it do?

At Rocket CRM we have used our experience and expertise and built a simple sales CRM App in the Power Platform to cater for a range of business needs. The fundamental requirements such as; Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities and Marketing Lists are set-up and ready to go. So you can immediately monitor tracking and development of your Leads into Opportunities, and subsequent conversion into sales. You can create segmented marketing lists to send material or information.

Will this simple CRM fit your organisation?

Starting small, the CRM system is easily scalable. Bespoke amendments can then be made dependant on your unique needs and you CRM will be developed to future-proof as your needs change and as your business grows. For example, it will be easy to diversify to incorporate a digital marketing platform like ClickDimensions or customer service case management. The system will also integrate with Microsoft 365 Apps and through Power Automate or API can be connected to almost another system you use.

What support will I need?

Rocket Launch Sales comes with full support and back up of a professional CRM team of experts to support you and your team. From an initial call to identify and prioritise your requirements into a “backlog” to regular catch ups to review and discuss next steps.
Each month you’ll get a set amount of consultancy hours to put towards training and enhancement of your CRM system. With our help you can determine how many hours you will need. The time can be flexibly used e.g. using more hours upfront for bespoke system development or spread over several months.
Many organisations like this approach due to regular touch-points and the monthly spend becomes part of operational expenditure rather than capital expenditure which helps manage budgets.

Dynamic 365 support

What am I waiting for?

Get up and running in no time! To find out more details go to our page for Rocket Launch Simple Sales CRM or give us a call to arrange a chat and a demo.

Click here for a 15 minute Demo: Rocket Launch Simple Sales CRM Demo


About Rocket CRM

Rocket CRM is a Microsoft Dynamics 365, and a platinum ClickDimensions accredited partner, helping small to medium-sized businesses and charities harness the power of scalable CRM technology. Our mission is to make powerful CRM software simple with custom-built, user-focused solutions.


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