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When it comes to marketing, you want to reach as many prospects as possible and convert genuine interest into sales. But to do this at scale, you need the right marketing software to deliver the volume of leads that satisfy the sales team’s appetite. Planning and executing effective campaigns in today’s digital world that attract, nurture and convert sales-ready leads requires key software features: sales CRM integration and complete visibility of the whole sales and marketing pipeline. As well as insight and reporting tools that help you monitor, measure and refine your campaigns.

If you’re already running Dynamics 365, you’re benefitting from one of today’s most state-of-the-art and powerful CRM suites. Yet, to truly get the most out of your marketing efforts, you need to integrate it with an equally dynamic marketing software tool, such as ClickDimensions. It’s the natural choice for our Dynamics 365 clients simply because it’s a highly compatible solution, natively built so that it feels like using one system, not two for users. 

A truly integrated marketing software solution like this offers several benefits for marketers and sales professionals and appeals to SMBs and larger enterprise-sized businesses. Let us explain….


1. Eliminate silos from sales and marketing data

 When teams operate independently, churning out their own data with no integration, they’re not able to make this data easily available to each other. It’s like they’re in their very own data vacuum. If your sales and marketing teams are disconnected, they’re left to do their own thing, often leading to misalignment in activity. This is what we mean when we say “your teams are trapped in their silos“. And what growth-focused organisation wants that? It hinders collaboration, communication and ultimately growth.

Sales and marketing teams can only work together successfully if they use the same data and insights freely shared across your company for all your teams at all levels to guide their decisions. As ClickDimensions is natively built for Dynamics 365, a seamless flow of information is made possible.


2. Attract, nurture, and convert more leads

If you have a targeted and tailored marketing campaign, you want to be precise in how you approach the potential clients you aim to attract, nurture, and convert. What often happens in a regular email campaign is that you send one email after another without having any solid basis as to the level of interest of your clients. We all know what comes from pushing offers to clients who don’t need them. It could be the wrong product, at the wrong time, or simply a poorly executed creative idea.

 And whilst you need your creative teams to be flowing with ideas that will resonate with your market, you also need the mechanics of your campaign to be working well too and adapting to audience engagement and routing them on the right path to move them down the sale funnel, from awareness, through to interest and finally desire and action.

With ClickDimensions, you can build landing pages and lead-generation forms that seamlessly and effortlessly capture product data. You can then nurture those potential leads down the marketing funnel by sending follow-up emails that educate, help or inform the recipients. Whilst also being able to notify your sales team at just the perfect time using lead-scoring tools and task automation.

Lead scoring can help you identify the ripe leads that are ready for either further marketing activity or sales follow-up using pre-set scoring criteria. Using this tool as part of your nurturing campaign is a sure-fire way to optimise sales effectiveness and marketing impact.


3. Access a single source of truth

With silos completely removed, there are no barriers and misalignments in terms of your data, giving you the coveted ‘single source of truth’. This means that customer interactions, preferences, behaviours, buying journeys, and other prospect, lead and customer information are consolidated in one centralised database.

 And with in-depth analytics, you can generate various reports that help you identify which campaign tactics are working and which aren’t. 

A unified view of your customers enables better segmentation, targeting, and personalisation of your marketing efforts. What’s more, it gets anyone in your organisation on the same page, resulting in a joined-up approach that places the customer at the centre. Any changes or updates that users make are there for everyone to see. So no more conflicting messages, just seamless, responsive and effective action resulting in better customer experiences.


4. Integrated omnichannel marketing activity

ClickDimensions also supports omnichannel marketing by letting you engage with customers across multiple channels. Enabling you to plan, create and manage marketing campaigns that include emails, social media, web forms, surveys, events, and more, all from within your Dynamics 365 CRM.

And with marketing calendars and social scheduling, you can maximise your campaigns by ensuring your channels work in synergy. For example, say you’re hosting a webinar; you can schedule that in your marketing activity for the whole marketing team to see and then plan your other channel activities around this event. Promote it to prospects through your email marketing, push it on social channels and add an on-message landing page that takes them to the booking form.

Even better, you can also monitor and report on webinar registrations. Once your event has happened, send out personalised questionnaires to get feedback from attendees and then begin the lead nurturing process with marketing automation tools.

And by gaining valuable insights, you can go on to optimise your marketing strategies and improve engagement. As we know, good marketing isn’t just about good ideas; it’s about testing, analysis and refinement.


5. A full view of the entire customer journey

ClickDimensions integrated with Dynamics 365 CRM offers a holistic perspective of the customer journey and your marketing efforts by viewing which leads have closed and which haven’t. Drill further into channel reports and find out why some leads have failed. You can track and analyse every interaction and touchpoint a customer has with your marketing efforts, from their initial awareness to the final conversion d beyond. 

With a comprehensive understanding of the customer journey, you can identify trends, preferences, and pain points, enabling you to adjust your marketing efforts accordingly. It also facilitates effective lead management, customer retention, and opportunities to upsell, which results in improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. With this capability, you are given every opportunity to tailor your messaging at any point and tailor based on how your customer behaves.



Wow, that’s some pretty compelling reasons for pairing ClickDimensions with Dynamics 365 CRM. The combined solution offers a wealth of benefits allowing you to leverage your prospect, lead and customer data fully.

With a natively built, centralised system, your marketing efforts will be streamlined and equipped to qualify leads your sales team can pursue. Ultimately, this allows everyone to hit their targets and grow the business in a unified and growth-focused fashion.

We discuss ClickDimensions in more detail in this podcast episode of RocketPod.—a-natively-built-marketing-solution-for-Dynamics-365-users-e2307co


As part of the next stage of ClickDimensions’ evolution, they’ll soon be launching a new ‘All in one’ CRM, marketing automation and sales enablement platform. Watch this space!




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