2022 Release wave 1 plans for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform April summary

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For those of you familiar with the Dynamics 365 updates, also known as ‘release waves’, you’ll be eagerly awaiting this year’s new enhancements and features. For newer Dynamics 365 users, you may have heard us big up this aspect of the software either before you came on board or when you first switched your CRM to Dynamics 365. So, if you’re new to the world of Dynamics 365, it may well be the first time you get to benefit from these free enhancements and improvements. Consider it your Easter gift!  

These updates are a massive benefit of using Dynamics 365 and the huge investment that goes into improving an already impressive and powerful suite of tools and features across the Dynamics 365 offering, is all about continually improving and driving innovation for the benefit of businesses.   

2022 Release wave 1 Dynamics 365

This year’s release wave 1 plans for both Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform were announced and summarised at the end of January. Now that we are in April, those new features and capabilities have begun to be released and we’ll see continual improvements in the months ahead. 

There are literally hundreds of new features and so over the coming months, we’ll be sharing some of the best and most beneficial changes with you all. There appears to be a strong theme of data collaboration and AI-aided support across Sales, Customer Service and Marketing.  

For now, we share some highlights direct from Microsoft.com across these three modules:  

Dynamics 365 Marketing 

The focus continues to be on collaboration through Teams for the benefit of content collaboration. This wave also sees further personalised communication in the shape of SMS replies through a personalised experience based on responses using custom keywords that can be added to journeys.   

Dynamics 365 Sales  

Again, collaboration is a key focus in the Sales application, with seamless collaboration to empower sales teams to drive productivity and value to the customer. AI-assisted live feedback in Sales Hub will help sellers adjust their sales pitch and managers evaluate team performance and provide valuable feedback and coaching.  

Dynamics 365 Customer Service 

Further investment and focus on personalisation of service across channels to empower agents and improve remote collaboration. The new Customer Service Admin centre app is further simplified and enhancements to the inbox view will aid service teams.  

AI is being used again with AI-suggested contacts and AI-generated conversation summaries. Investments in knowledge management will include relevance search integration and historical analytics, and unified routing with default queue enhancements and routing diagnostics.   

We agree that this is quite technical, so we will explain it in plain speak later.  

We’ll be sharing further 2022 Release wave 1 Dynamics 365 updates here on the Rocket CRM blog and across our social channels; LinkedIn and Twitter.  

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Source: https://cloudblogs.microsoft.com/dynamics365/bdm/2022/01/25/2022-release-wave-1-plans-for-dynamics-365-and-power-platform-now-available/ 

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