ClickDimensions Health Check coming soon

Helalth check graphic with software consultant coming soon with ClickDimensions logo

New product launch for ClickDimensions users

Late last year we completed a short project for one of our clients; a ClickDimensions Health Check, with the aim of uncovering opportunities and addressing issues the client was having. The project was that much of a success we have chosen to offer this as a service to all ClickDimensions users.

What is the ClickDimensions Health Check?

The ClickDimensions Health Check is a deep dive into the settings and utilisation of this powerful marketing automation tool with the aim of helping users get the very best from their marketing software.

It is aimed at new customers or anyone seeking assurance that they are getting the maximum value from this product and includes a one-hour workshop. In this workshop, we will jointly assess how to ensure that ClickDimensions is being maximised and being used in a way that supports your strategic marketing goals and objectives. Any quick wins to improve your system health will be actioned as we go, and then we’ll produce a recommendations report so you can take control and deliver a greater return on your marketing investment. 

More information coming really soon. If you’re looking to get more from ClickDimensions and are interested in what this could do for your marketing contact us:

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