Dynamics 365 new feature: Main Form Dialog

Screen shot of Main Form Dialog Feature

In this post, we will take a sneak peek at the new Main Form Dialog feature that is sure to increase Microsoft Dynamics 365 user adoption. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Quick create forms allow the creation of new records for related tables. This option does (by definition) only ask for key column information to complete and create a record. Unlike the main form for a table which usually contains all of the fields necessary to create a full record. The benefit is after completing the quick create form is that the user only experiences the form on the right hand side of the screen. Once saved, the user can continue where they left off, without losing focus. Whereas the opposite is true when creating a record from within a lookup field and bringing up a main form. This main form will completely encapsulate the screen and the user will need to remember to hit the back button when completed.

This is where the new Main Form Dialog feature plugs the gap. A system admin can, in a few clicks, enable this new functionality which allows users to amend and create records from other related tables using the main form and continue where they left off afterwards.
The best way to explain all this is for you to see it in action.

Can it replace Quick View Forms?

Main Form dialog also has another advantage where it can, in some cases replace the need for Quick View forms, thereby releasing some real estate form the form. It won’t work in call cases but it’s great to now have a new tool in the box for when the situation calls for it.

How to utilise Main Form Dialog

The functionality of Main Form Dialogs is utilised through the link in lookup fields. When clicked, instead of taking you to the record, a pop-up window appears containing the main form of the related record. Users can make changes in the main form pop-up and close when complete to return to the screen.
Let’s take a look at setting up the functionality and how it works. In the form editor, select the lookup field you would like to add the this feature to:

In the screenshot above, I have selected the Account Name lookup field on the Contact record to update with this feature. On the right, in the properties area for this field, there are now 2 new options (circled in blue in the screenshot above):
• Use Main Form Dialog for Create
• Use Main Form Dialog for Edit

Main Form Dialog settings
Main Form Dialog settings

Check one or both of these depending on if you require the user to just edit, create records or both. For our purposes we will check both and click save and publish. That’s it!
This neat new feature provides a much easier way for users to create new, update or simply reference information from different Tables in the flow of the work they are completing. Main Form Dialog brings the system and business process closer together creating efficiency and augmenting the user experience.

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