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Dynamics 365 Training

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Types of Training

Microsoft Dynamics 365 training can be delivered in a variety of ways. The most common of which includes basic introduction and navigation of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Rocket CRM always recommend that training should be function or role based and should focus on the user's processes within Dynamics 365. Data management training covers working with data, importing data, manipulating data and identifying duplicates. System administrator training covers user management, database management, entities, forms, fields, views dashboards and administration settings.

These are not the only types of training that Rocket CRM can deliver. We offer bespoke training sessions designed specifically around your requirements, that may involve content from more than one of the types mentioned above.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training classroom style

Training Delivery Methods

Training can be delivered in a multitude of different ways and be tailored around your business size and the outcome that you wish to achieve. For example, one to one coaching is ideal for a system administrator or senior management and can be used to cover bespoke content. Small groups training is ideal for smaller companies, each session usually holds up to six people including one trainer. Large groups works well with a single trainer and multiple facilitators in the room. This keeps the audience focussed while the facilitators can focus on the users that require one to one help. If you have internal trainers, train the trainer training works well. We work with your trainers to develop the content for their sessions and cover the content in detail on their training sessions.

As well as training, there are other methods we can use to provide our customers with additional support. User training materials (Manuals, Videos, webinars and quick reference guides) are a great way to support your roll out of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Training Projects

We take on training projects. If you have a corporate roll out of Dynamics 365 we can help with putting your training plan together and delivering and overseeing the programme. We will work alongside your CRM Project Manager to ensure that the right people get the right level of training required to perform in their roles.

Some of the things you need to consider for this type of roll out include, remembering to plan the training from the beginning of your roll out, it must not be an afterthought. Train your users in a unified way. You only want to show users one way of how to do things. Focus the training on their roles, there's no need to train users on functionality or features that they are not going to use. Always gather feedback from the users post your training sessions. This allows you to adjust your delivery and improve any future sessions. Identify the mix of delivery that suits your organisation. Also consider creating materials for use before, during and after the project to raise awareness and support the users post their sessions.

Dynamic 365 support
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training Workshop

Ad-hoc Training Days

If you just need to book a single day, that is no problem, we are more than happy to come and see you to deliver a day of Dynamics 365 training. We are very experienced in dealing with small to medium size companies and can help your team get the most from Microsoft Dynamics 365. As part of the process, we agree the content up front with you to ensure that all of your expectations for the session are met.

Remote Training

We find that some organisations like to include an element of remote training as a part of a blended learning approach for their users as a way to compound learning that has taken place in a classroom whereas other organisations might view remote training as a complete training solution. We understand that there are many influencing factors that can put pressure on training budgets and that it's not always possible to pay for a consultant to come to your office to deliver face to face training. We don’t want customers in this situation to have to miss out on the best training so that's why we offer remote training which can be purchased and consumed 1 hour at a time.
One of the biggest benefits of this approach is the flexibility built into it. Because of the high availability of good quality WI-FI almost everywhere it is now possible to connect with a first class trainer or consultant wherever and whenever suits you best. Call us to find out more.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training one on one