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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training

Empower your team to grow your business with Microsoft Dynamics 365 training

You can only maximise the opportunity that Dynamics 365 offers through good user adoption and so training plays a vital role regardless of whether your business is accustomed to Dynamics 365 or completely new. Rocket CRM offer a range of CRM training solutions designed to beef up user skills and knowledge.

With over 30 years of experience in delivering CRM and a steadfast focus on user adoption, our expert Microsoft Dynamics 365 accredited team is here to help you and your teams. We offer a mixture of on-site and remote training solutions, offering flexibility that fits suits your business and your people.

We also provide additional training materials such as manuals, videos, webinars, and quick reference guides, to suit the varying learning needs of your team and support your rollout of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Rocket CRM - Dynamics 365 Training

Company roll-out

If you have instructed us to manage a new CRM project on your behalf you will want to ensure that you have user buy-in and hit the ground running from day one.

We will help you formulate a training plan, deliver that training and oversee the full training programme. We can advise on the best approach for your business or charity and ensure that your training programme isn't an afterthought but a critical element of your CRM project.

Introduction to Dynamics 365

The most common type of training is an introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365, this type of training is there to give your users a fundamental understanding of the Dynamics 365 system, this is often function or role-based and looks at the user's processes within Dynamics 365.

It also covers the basics of data management and GDPR, although we also offer a dedicated data management course too.

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Sales user training

Designed with the sales user in mind, it can be tailored to management or a team member. The focus is on ensuring users understand how to manage and update records using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales.

It also includes topics such as lead management, opportunity management, process flows, dashboards, reporting, and much more.

Marketing user training

Aimed at empowering marketing teams with the skills and knowledge to plan and manage brilliant marketing campaigns, this course looks at the marketing campaign functions within Microsoft Dynamics 365 and shows how these can be used to deploy elevated marketing campaigns.

We also offer ClickDimensions training. ClickDimensions is our marketing automation software of choice. Find out more.

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Customer Service user Training

Looking at the subject of customer service automation within Microsoft Dynamics 365 this course is there to equip your teams with the skills and knowledge to operate efficient and effective customer service delivery by using Dynamics 365 Customer Service effectively and accurately.

Data management training

Focusing on the fundamentals of data management, this includes subjects such as good data management practices, tools for improving data accuracy, data cleansing. Data import and export, GDPR, and data usage. n.

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System Administrator Training

System administrator training is intended for those who are responsible for the administration and deployment of Dynamics 365.

It covers user management, database management, entities, forms, fields, views dashboards, and administration settings.   

What's new training

As the name suggests, this brief training is intended to introduce new features and updates within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 modules. The features and benefits and how your users can access and implement them with ease for the benefit of their role and the wider organisation.

We keep our fingers on the pulse so that you stay ahead of the game.  

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Bespoke training

All of our courses are tailored to the needs of your organisation, however, we can create bespoke training programmes and even single training days to address specific user needs, where there is a very specialist requirement.

Whatever your training requirement we build the solution to fit your exact needs, which might include on-site and remote training sessions.

Why Choose Rocket CRM?

Rocket CRM is London based Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner, highly experienced, but also capable of making the complex simple. We take the time to dig deep and understand your business so that we can build a customer service CRM system that is built around the unique needs of your organisation. 

Our mission is to help small to medium-sized companies and charities grow.

We offer completely free 30-minute consultations with no catch, no ulterior motives other than to share our extensive CRM knowledge.