Dynamics 365 for Marketing First Run Experience

Dynamics 365 for Marketing experience

In our previous post, we ran through an overview of Dynamics 365 for Marketing and what was included with the release. In our next post in the series, we will run through the first run experience.

Before we begin

A couple of key things before we start going through the first run experience, Dynamics 365 for Marketing only runs in the new Unified User Interface (UUI) which means your Dynamics 365 trial system needs to be on Version 9 to run it. In order to check the version of your system, log into Dynamics 365 and click the cog at the top right hand side of the page and click about. You should see the version number in brackets.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing Version
Dynamics 365 for Marketing does not show any entities in the normal web interface. In order to access Dynamics 365 for Marketing, you need to click on Dynamics 365 and select the Marketing App from the menu.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing App

First Run Experience

The first time you open the marketing app, you are presented with the welcome screen, from here, you can click through to the installation setup.
Dynamics 365 for Marketing
This takes you to the first run experience. This is divided into five key parts of the configuration, Organisation Selector allows you to select the appropriate organisation you want to deploy Dynamics 365 for Marketing to. In this trial instance, we only have one so its selected for us automatically.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing The next screen authorises the app to setup Customer Insights. For those of you who aren’t aware, Customer Insights is hosted in Azure and used for segmentation of the marketing data.

The next screen allows you to select your sub domain for the portal addon. This will configure the Events portal as part of the Dynamics 365 for Marketing deployment.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing
The next part asks you to confirm your physical address which will be included in all marketing email communications sent via Dynamics 365 for Marketing.

The next part configures Voice of the Customer. As part of the deployment, Voice of the Customer surveys is hosted in Microsoft Azure.

Once you’ve completed the steps, the configuration will run to process all the various elements. You are able to close this screen down as the system will send you an email once it’s complete. In our experience, this process took about two hours to complete.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing First Run Experience P7

What we think

We like the first-run experience. It’s simple to run through and makes configuration for a non-technical user simple, intuitive and quick. Keep an eye out for future posts on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing.

Want to find out more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing? Contact Rocket CRM for more information about the product.

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