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ClickDimensions Online Survey Tool – new feature!

Everyone knows that here, at Rocket CRM, we are big fans of ClickDimensions and we couldn’t be more excited to test drive the new ClickDimensions online survey tool that forms part of the ClickDimensions digital marketing platform or Dynamics 365 and the power platform. The brand new survey tool is in beta right now, so…

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Managed Service Microsoft Dynamics 365

Benefits of managed service for Microsoft Dynamics 365

No doubt, organisations are undergoing an unprecedented level of business transformation, with the digital transformation propelled by the effects of the pandemic. Statistics show that the managed service market is growing and that it is going to continue to grow over the next few years. This rising demand is resulting in an increasing reliance on…

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Charities office

How charities can create savings with low cost CRM

The Current Situation for charities The Covid 19 Pandemic has had a devastating effect on the whole world’s economy and the charity sector is no exception. However, in this particular situation, charities are a bit of an anomaly. While the not for profit sector has been hit massively by a vastly depleted income stream, it…

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Power Apps for the SMB Sector: The new CRM

The biggest change to how we run our business over the past year has been in the Power Apps for the SMB sector. It used to be that, if you wanted a CRM system you would buy a CRM product like Dynamics 365 Sales or Dynamics 365 Customer service. Both of which are fully formed,…

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We recommend that you use Recommendations in Dynamics 365

This week we’re unpacking another cool, yet, little known feature on Microsoft Dynamics 365. It’s called Recommendations and it’s  very easy to set up and use. Even more importantly…it will make you look great as the CRM administrator! Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Recommendations it’s possible to make suggestions based on various criteria on a record. …

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Quiz Question

Forms Pro: The free survey tool for Dynamics 365

In times of uncertainty we could all use a helping hand. Here’s a great tip if you’re already using Dynamics 365 and you have a need to create forms, quizzes or surveys. Did you know that you also have free access to use Forms Pro? … Well, you’re not the only one, it seems a…

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Increase productivity with Microsoft Teams

Increase productivity with Microsoft Teams & Microsoft Dynamics 365

Different combinations of crisis have been pushing survival questions of not only businesses but also the human race. None more so than the Coronavirus crisis, the phenomenon that will always be remembered as the catalyst that changed the way we live and work forever. In terms of business, this new world calls for a new…

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Track sales performance in Dynamics 365

How to track sales performance in Dynamics 365

It’s been a long time coming but a nice alternative to using goals to track sales trends and performance has finally arrived for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 community. For those poor souls that ever had to experience the clunky, non-intuitive setting up of goals in Dynamics 365, you’ll understand the elation that this news brings…

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Dynamics 365 Team Member

Dynamics 365 Team Member License Update Feb 2020

We, at Rocket CRM love Microsoft Dynamics 365 (well…it is Valentine’s day, at the time of writing this update!). Although, we do sometimes get frustrated by their inconsistencies and constant changing of the goalposts, especially around the Dynamics 365 Team Member License. We previously wrote an article about Dynamics 365 Team Member licenses which got…

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