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Microsoft Dynamics 365 – a CRM solution

Diving into the world of CRM is a complex business. So many options, so much to consider, various people are required to make the right decision. Even the simplest of CRM systems requires good planning and a sound understanding of CRM software.

So, if you’ve heard of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and wondering if it could be right for your business, read on. This is a short article and a good starting point, with plenty of links to the most commonly asked questions about the product.

So let’s dive in…


Some CRM basics

Dynamics 365 is an online CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution. CRM is about recording and reporting on customer relationships and interactions in order to further your organisational goals. Dynamics 365 is a cloud CRM that helps organisations to create efficient processes around sales, marketing and customer service. 

Microsoft has been involved in the world of CRM since early 2003 and has been evolving its online CRM offering (Dynamics 365) ever since. Dynamics 365 is now one of the slickest and easiest to use cloud CRM products on the market. Due to the fact that it integrates seamlessly with Office 365 and other Microsoft products. The trend towards online CRM systems will continue to grow in popularity for the foreseeable future, with Dynamics 365, and the Power Platform, being placed consistently among the leaders. 


A tailor made CRM solution

As this CRM is built on the power platform and completely customisable is a true custom-built solution, which offers a plethora of benefits for the end-user and the business as a whole. A simplified user experience is delivered, as you’re able to build the system around your end-user and their everyday activities. Streamlining data process and showing only the most important information, whilst making data reporting and analysis a dream.

What is also highly appealing about choosing Microsoft Dynamics 365, is that you can be up and running in no time. NO lengthy development periods. The CRM is built on Power App platform, which essentially are framework systems that are then customized to your business needs. This also means future adaptions are super easy and quick. what’s more your software isn’t going to stagnate as Microsoft consistently update features for the benefit of the users.


True integration

As this is a Microsoft product, it seamlessly integrates with Office 365, Exchange Server, Windows Server, Skype for Business, Teams, SharePoint, Power BI, and PowerApps. Not only that, but the flexible nature of its interface means you can do business wherever you are as long as you have an internet connection and mobile apps make data access on a go very simple and easy (Android, iOS and Windows).



The importance of getting it right.

Regardless of what CRM system you choose to implement, it’s a job that you want to get right. Getting it wrong, can feel like a costly mistake.

Rocket CRM have one of the UK’s most experienced cloud CRM implementation teams and have been part of the CRM world even longer than Microsoft. 

There is a lot to consider when implementing a cloud CRM project and our experience can help guide you to make the right choices. 


Frequently asked questions on Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • What licenses do we need? 
  • Do we have defined processes for 
  • Who is allowed to see what? 
  • Do we need to migrate data from an old system? 
  • Do we need our new CRM to integrate with any other systems? 
  • What about training
  • How can we be sure users will use the system?
  • What are the risks
  • How much will it cost in the long run? 
  • Who can help us? 
  • How does it all tie in with GDPR

These are all valid questions as you consider implementing a cloud CRM such as Dynamics 365 or the Power Platform.

Browse our CRM FAQ section for  wealth of advice.


You might also be wondering whether to do everything at once or to start with something simple. Rocket CRM can advise on whether a traditional “waterfall” project approach or an “Agile” methodology would work best for your project. In plain speak a “waterfall” project is where the action happens sequentially, it’s a more linear process that often happens in stages. This is a popular route as it suits shorter projects which have been well-defined from the get-go.


Where’s as the “Agile” method tends to lend itself to complex projects. It is a more iterative process that involves a lot of communication and feedback loop from the client. That way, adaptions are made on the spot. Making for a more efficient project overall. And iterative simply means, it is done in pieces, also referred to as “sprints”. The activity is reviewed to see where improvements can be made. You may have heard of the term “scrum” for these review points. Or you may not have, which is absolutely fine.


All of these terms are very much project management lingo, which you don’t necessarily need to know as the client. The point is, we know this like the back of our hand and can guide you through the best course of action.


More questions on dynamics 365?

Our familiarity with cloud CRM projects means that we can advise you from an early stage. In fact, the earlier you get an expert involved the more money you will save in the long run because you will be able to make decisions swiftly and confidently based on industry expertise. We would generally advise that you don’t try to implement CRM without the help of a partner organisation. 


Whatever you decide please feel free to take advantage of our free 30-minute advisory with a certified Dynamics 365 consultant. We won’t try to sign you up to anything or push you down a certain route this is a genuine offer of free advice with someone who has managed hundreds of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM implementations.


Is there a catch? 

No… we do this in the hope that one day when you are looking for paid help that you will remember us. Just fill in the form and let us know you would like to book your 30 minute consultancy offer.


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